Hyde Jekyl Me (midway review)

 This is my current crack after healed from Healer witdrawal. Plus, i kinda miss Hyun Bin since he’s back from the army. Although body swaping is not new for Hyun Bin (Secret Garden), I think him with split personality is something I actually enjoyed, felt excited about and also now terrify at. Choosing ship would be confusing at first cos both ships have the same owner. Although as the drama progress, I found myself loving the cold and distressed guy more. Sure we all love a warmer person but with SeoJin, such pityful person like him is more easier to handle with. 

The above scene is one of my favourite when truth was reveal and SeoJin again made a home run in my heart by actually letting HaNa learned the truth. Face it head on. 

This drama presents a twist line of bad guy and I learn that the real truth sometime might be NOT THE WHOLE TRUTH. And easily planting memory into others? Gosh! What an awesome and terrifying ability TaeJoo have. 


Never Ending Story

I think it had been a while since I watched any movie. I ended up with this one last week. Although the story setting supposed to be dark or gloomy, I found the story to be rather cute. Yeah, how could “waiting” for your death day to come would be more interesting to some eh. Anyway, thanks for the sweet ending.


I Miss You: midway review

Still in second lead boat, I found the main story of this drama is boring. Micky’s detective character is going on with the same flow, gripping to his first love, motivated by it *yawn*. He was one slow detective and I now think he’s not fit the job.

For a moment, in the second quarter of the show, there was an interesting thing happen. And it’s not because of Micky (Jung Woo) and Eun Hye (Soo Yeon/ Joy) so call love story. I like it when the script writer brought in an unsuspecting ahjumma to the story telling and it was actually fun till in ended.

As for Jade Seung Ho , he really pulled it all together. However… Given on how I know where this story will end (JW and SY) and how I actually want SY to stay with our Harry, I think Seung Ho suit as Harry more. Harry’s character filled with so much tensed and I really love how Seung Ho expressed and convey the feelings. And that’s including his frust little chuckle when he saw Soo Yeon picked a call from Jung Woo after staring somehow longly at her and Harry potrait.

At a little bit pass midway of this drama, I believed things will get more interesting since we will be dealing with more revealing of this family-tangled relationship. I like the idea of the drama but Rae really hopes script writer ease down a bit the tears and JW+SY story and more of the family cat fight because Rae does not favor Micky. *scoff*



I Miss You : First Impression


Yes, you know what this drama is all about. Say helo to melo! Hahaha…. Yoo Seung Ho is all Rae needs to watch this. Man this boy look so dashingly good. EHEM!!!

First five episodes were filled with tears in every episodes and while at that, I found there were some sweet scene s well.

<a Last night, I found out the child actress was just 13 and she was pretty good. As I am hitting episode 6, I am excited to know that Seung Ho will be more on my screen. Not that I don't like the child counterparts. Loved them…. BUT drama need to grow up right? I was never really a Micky fan but I like what I see in his character so far. Perhaps he will do well as a detective rather than a chaebol wannabe. As for Eun Hye, she is always the sweetheart in my heart. and while she never really hit it top three in my female lead favourite, she is numBer four. Hahahaha….. Anyway, I will be equipting myself with tissues and all and hoe my heart won't break before the drama finish. Come and join the fun in melo world!

By the way, as I always root for the first love, this time round, SCREW FIRST LOVE, I am team Jade (aka Seung Ho)



Ghost (유령) : First Impression & Midway Review

If I am to name one drama that are being under-rated this year, it would be this drama. Or perhaps there’s something about me not giving this high expectation (unlike that other current drama) and made me fell head over heels. This feeling reminds me of Dream High, minus the high rating thanks to the idols. ANYWAY…….. I will try not to spoil you with the story since this post is more like a first impression thing but I will give you hints on how good this drama will be.

One thing you have to know is that, I do not bias on this drama since I am not really interested in the actors nor the actresses (when I watched the trailer). Yes, me no really likey So Ji Sub-ssi :P. Put all the blame on the other brother in Sorry I love You who captured my heart but lost the girl to So Ji Sub which led me to ditch JiSub-ssi for life! Well… almost. **Sorry, keep side-tracked :P.  As for the heroine, I never really bothered about Lee Yeon Hee.  So yeah, I basically watched Ghost with zero anticipation… along with some worry actually because I was expecting something scary (reffering to the title).

So what good about Ghost? One thing for sure, less stupid people. Lols…. I think the only slow-thinker in this drama is the heroine herself just because she always… I mean like ALWAYS did not realised that the runaway criminal walk past through her (and me was screaming in my head pointing at the so obvious criminal on my TV). Almost everyone think quick and realised that SOMETHING is WRONG! Trust is a big matter as well. Criminals are smart to the bones and rarely intimidated. Oh! And should I tempted you with the BIG twist that I did not prepared for as well? *giggle* I’ll save it for myself. Ah, another point that I should give Ghost for it quick pace of story and non-repetitive things. Did I tempted you well?

The Vigilantes In Masks

I’m currently watching another Chinese drama from the mainland China.  As I was watching around episode 3 or 4, I realized it’s almost the same as Lee JunKi’s Iljimae. Except in Iljimae, there’s only one guy behind the mask but in TVIM there are four of them 😀

Excerpt from wiki: “Li Ge Xiao is a warrior and has intelligence matching his skills. He was previously a high ranking marshal with great law enforcement authority. However after his enemy framed him with a crime he did not commit and executed his family, the former marshal was forced to become a fugitive. Years later, he came out of hiding to help a former colleague recover a cargo of stolen gold for disaster relief. He and three chivalrous strangers, thief Yan San Niang, grafter He Xiao Mei, and strongman Chai Hu, unite to form a heroic band of masked vigilantes called “Yi Zhi Mei”, who rob the rich and corrupt to help the poor and helpless, always leaving a plum flower at the scene as their calling card.”

Startling By Each Step..

..or in other words known as Bu Bu Jing Xin (BBJX) is a period drama from the mainland China.  I’m not going to go into details because I know a drama as famous as this one definitely being talked a lot about online.  Heh..  Ramblings ahead…

As an avid Kdrama fan, I’ve been watching a lot of Korean dramas AND very little of Chinese dramas for the past years.  And I’ve totally forgotten about the last Chinese period drama that I’ve seen.  Then I stumbled upon Gong (also known as Palace Jade Lock Heart) which is currently still airing on the local TV channel, and I fell for it since it reminds me a lot.. A LOT of Meteor Garden. Seriously Qing Chuan and 8th Prince really have scenes like San Chai and Dao Ming Shi in MG.  I was so excited and decided to go to the DVD shop and get a copy of  the drama.  However, the shopkeeper recommended BBJX to me instead.  I pretty much obliged because I did a research before I went to the shop and found out that BBJX and Gong were basically the same but yet so different.  So in the end I bought BBJX and decided to just continue watching Gong on TV.  And it was a good decision ever 😀

BBJX is such a beautiful and solid story.  The sceneries were breathtaking, the acting was great, pace was good and I was really drawn into the drama. It gives me such a great pleasure to find a great drama like this and moving out for a while from the Kdrama zone.  I feel refreshed!

Pic credit to t.sina.com.cn/makitt

I Do I Do ~ First Impression


I kind of like with what I’ve seen so far with this new MBC drama.  Kim Sun Ah plays Hwang Ji An, a director in a shoe company, who is also a workaholic and loves shoes very very much. She has a walk-in closet full of shoes to die for.  I envy her! 😀

Lee Jang Woo plays Park Tae Kang, whose father is a shoemaker and through a contest, gets a job in Hwang Ji An’s company. 

The story was entertaining so far although you may say that it’s just like any other Kdramas that you’ve ever watched. And I hope it will continue to do so 🙂

A quick drama First Impression updates: Fashion King, Love Rain & Equator Man

It have been a really busy May. Overwhelmed by this new additional in the family. This however won’t be stopping from spending time with the quite latest drama from drama land. My hands have been itching to nag about a few dramas and let me start with just these three (with no spoiler, I promise)

Fashion King


Have you watched the trailer? The trailer was very eye catching (atleast for me). Plus, it have Yoo Ah In (who am I kidding here?). Am watching the mid part of the show now (or at least that what I’m thinking because these days, checking on numbers of episodes is the last thing on my mind).

First impression, I like what I see. But then, it’s getting more drama than what I expected it to be. haven’t see the trailer yet? go! google ermmm… I mean search at youtube. I was hoping for a funky show, but it’s less funkier than what I was hoping for. Fooled by the trailer? Dang you trailer! By the way, to make thing worst… I was spoiled with the ending. more dang-er eh. But I will pretend I don’t know the ending and surprise myself later then.


Love Rain


Pretty…. Do you think I will miss nagging about my Jang-ssi? Let me start with this, Yoona (SNSD) improved.. and of course is better than her teammate Yuri (in Fashion King).

Second… I love Jang-ssi as young In-Ha better than Seo Joon, just because I think I like to see Jang-ssi in a different mode other than his usual “oh! I am so cool and damn cold” kinda type of hero. Yes, Seo In-Ha was timid… VERY! But I kinda feel that this feeling goes well with all the rain and the pretty setup. Although I find older In-Ha with the same attitude kinda cheesy and corny at some point. Bwahaha…

Third… did I mentioned it’s pretty? 

Fourth… Me want that yellow umbrella!

psst~ I found Yoona’s dresses for the photo shooting were pretty too. PRETTY won! \(^o^)/


Equator Man


Again, I was expecting an action pack drama. However, I like how this drama turn out to be. Mr. Uhm and our lil’ Chandoo (who have grown up so well I must say) look very much alike with that dyed hairdo. I am not sure about you all but I think SuMi have the ace in her card. Although it’s kinda pretty scary how she threatened poor Jangil.

This.is.my fav.so.far. 🙂

Shut Up Flower Boy Band


Shut Up Flower Boy Band (닥치고 꽃미남 밴드) is a story about a group of high schoolers with their dream to become a successful band.  Performing on a competition at the Rock Festival was the opening of opportunities. But would that lead to happiness or breaking their bond as brothers?

The band Eye Candy (안구정화) comprises of Ji Hyuk as the vocalist and leader of the band, Hyun Soo as the lead guitarist, Ha Jin the bassist, cutie Kyung Jong as the keyboardist and drummer Do Il.