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July rambling

July and August are awesome months this year. I have been addicted to these three ongoing dramas all in one go. It’s an almost neck to neck challenge for me on which i favour more.

It started with Doctor where we have the usually lovely romantic Park Shin Hye become all tough and the usually manly tough Kim Rae Won become all cheesy. However we don’t find any fault being at that.

Then came Uncontrolably Fond with one of my favourite kdrama writer, along with WooBin who we hope will get the girl this time.

When I thought it all goes well, W hit all the right note and alas…i lost the battle of “no more adding ongoing drama”.

Peace to you both dear July and August *wink*.


You’ve Fallen for Me aka Heartstring : An Afterthought

YongHwa should do another shoujo story. Yeah, despite the drama was music think its more to shoujo streamline. I knew I said it before and I will say it again, YongHwa potrayed Shin’s love towards KyuWon was just amazing. I can surely feel that he was really in love with KyuWon onscreen. I can tell it through the light and sparkle in his eyes, the way he smiles while looking at her..or even while holding her hand. It’s not as intense as the “I lub thee” look like YoonSung’s love in City Hunter but it enough to send me swoon in lala-land. kekekeke…

Here’s a glimpse of the love I saw in JYH ermmm I mean Lee Shin’s

PSH was a bit let-down here. Was it because their real-life friendship? Given that PSH was an actor child, I was hoping she did better. I found that she’s a bit shy toward her counterpart and sometime a bit bland so now I feel like the chemistry was a bit off.

Or maybe I am still blinded/over shadowed by the sparkling love between the recent hot hot HOT Min-Min couple eh? However, I quite like PSH in Goong 2 (despite not really liking the whole drama). Maybe she should stop being the cute cute CUTE for the time being. The thing that PSH did awesomely well in this drama was choosing her wardrobe. I was kinda tired watching KDrama with bleh fashion. My cousin said, it’s like the men wearing their hyung’s clothes and the women wearing their dongsaeng’s dress. Couldn’t agree more. hehehhee…

As a whole, this drama was ok ok to me. Somehow..there’s time I think the writer kinda lost on what or which story to tell. Although I knew its about Shin and KyuWon, but by bringing KiYoung quite strongly at the first quarter of the drama made me expecting more of KiYoung’s story. The shirt-tearing was ok *giggle* but me was not sattisfied. I feel like the writer did once wanted KiYoung to be one of the story but somehow, he was brushed away, almost unnoticingly :-(. Or perhaps the writer never intended about KiYoung’s part but he stole the show, a little bit.. somehow.

Shin’s little crush to profesor YoonJu was a bit off. Me no likey :P. It did not gave me any impact. Our pretty drummer boy (like how my mom called him..ehem! yes my mom watched this along with me..ngehehhe) crush on Han Hee Joo was cute and adorable. It took me 13 dang episodes to actually realised that Joon Hee called her “unni” instead of “noona”. *sigh*. Oh, and must I say that Han Hee Joo’s (by WooRi) character had that break through that I like..much more than Ki Young’s.

The ending goes along well with the light story. Not that great but not bad either. Still my heart ache because of Shin. Why must Shin endured all? 😦 Anyway, thanks You’ve Fallen for Me for this light heart drama. Yeah, I think this tittle suit the drama more than HeartString, now that I watched it 🙂 because indeed.. I have fallen for Jung Yong Hwa’s love this drama (I guess Shin’s little spell did worked on me). Now.. if only JYH “really k.i.s.s” PSH, fireworks will explode. **Rae means like really really kiss her instead of just pressing the lips \(^o^)/

So long Heartstrings

I love 2011! So many great dramas were aired, currently showing and many more to come. One of my personal favourites ♥Heartstrings♥ ended last night and I may say that the ending was satisfying for me and I loved the storyline as a whole.

Thank you Heartstrings for giving me such joy on every Wednesdays and Thursdays.

You’re Beautiful @ episode 16 (FIN)

loving note from Mrs. TK Rae:
dear friends, this version of review is totally Hwang Tae Kyung’s segment! Rae needed this with hope that she will have this scene in her dream tonight. Rae is grinning alone after her series of flailing, squealing and even fell from the chair tragedy. She’s totally over reacted with the finale. Yet now, she even wishes that she’ll be the next Go MiNyeo…. *pause*

behind the scene: [after slapping Rae’s cheek for a while to wake her up from straying to lala land]

ehem…. Yup, it’s officially ended. And this time, the uploader (wlqgoddbdP) at YouTube was VERY QUICK too. In record time, I had done watching at 2.30 am. I know some had wished that this drama extended to a few more episodes, but I’m glad the Hong sisters stick to 16 episodes. It can be quite draggy if the same issue arose again and again. I’m glad the singer lady/HwaRan akan TK’s mom came to her sense after “scolded” by TK and had a meeting with MiNyeo. At that age, it’s wise to have her not to be such a stone-headed person.

As we’re talking about the end… I felt that the almost ending scene had the same route as JGS’ previous DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo. But they used TK’s night-blindness nicely… 🙂

TK’s searching for his “moon”. Can you see how kakkoi GeunSuk as TaeKyung?? *melting*
Rae :—*flail.. SQUEALLL… and glee*

Yea.. must gave credit to ShinWoo here for asking the stage manager (???) to turn on the light for TK…
and that’s when TK found his moon
Rae :—*flail.. SQUEALLL… and glee*

urgghhh… the stare can stroke Rae to freeze forever *faint*

TK to MiNyeo: … I love you [yes.. not a merely “I like you” anymore]
Fans: squealllllll……
Rae :—*flail.. SQUEALLL… and glee* .. fell from the chair (^^!)

behind the scene: [getting back on the chair to continue what ever Rae’s been doing]

Do guys know why the ladies fell for quirky men?
Check out what TaeKyung did… he need a reason for everything….
From giving MiNyeo the start necklace….
Rae :—*flail.. SQUEALLL… and glee*

to just hugging her….
Rae :—*flail.. SQUEALLL… glee and said…. awwww*

I am so loving the ending. I do not need another kiss since TaeKyung’s gestures and series of reasoning to have MiNyeo’s attention set my heart fully content. How sweet… ^^

Side notes numbered ^^:
  1. TaeKyung is quirky, loveable, annoying, SUPEERRR…. (he’s just like my Chiaki sempai. hehehe)
  2. Rae doesn’t mind TaeKyung’s hairdo back to that sleek emo kinda look. He still look HOWT!!!
  3. MiNyeo’s fashion sense seemed to be going on TK’s track of fashion taste
  4. Park Shin Hye ROCK!!!
  5. Lee HongKi is a DARLING and look so “beautiful” even when the drama’s stylish tried to “hide and kill” his look by giving him that dorky hairdo….!!! He cracked me everytime and even managed to make me cry. He deserved a nomination or even an award!
  6. UEE who played HeYi had become one of my favourite villain. The way when even her gave TK a hard time at the almost end was nice.
  7. Manager’s Ma, the stylish eonni & Jeremy’s wild imaginations are still the best
  8. ShinWoo is officially Rae’s current favourite Second Male Lead
  9. ShinWoo is HOT… ShinWoo is SWEET… ShinWoo’s sensitivity is SUPER… Yong Hwa as ShinWoo can ACT…
  10. Will be missing President An who loves wearing scarf (pink scarf).. lol~~
  11. How come Sayuri and the rest of the fan club was not around during the final concert??
Of course there still flaws and should need extra cautions by the YB’s production team but let end it here today with happy feeling ok Beautiful People… ^^

As a closing… 장근석 , 난 널 사랑해

You’re beautiful (possible spoiler)

The post’s title mentioned it all. Abort this page while you still can.

I did said I am committed to STEER AWAY from ALL POSSIBLE SPOILER! and guess what link lead me to… I really don’t know if I should stop or not. Luckily, this is just a minor thing. I could have been clicking to the revealing of the news, but I managed to control my self by NOT READING THE ENTIRE TEXT (do you even know how hard that could be?). Rae is totally in Hwang TaekYung‘s madness!!!

owh… the HOTTINESS in the COOLINEST! One can’t just describe.

If you don’t mind possible spoilers, [read here]

and more TaeKyungs…. *HEART*

You’re beautiful @ episode 14

I’m speechless. There’s time when everything was so wonderful that turned you speechless. This episode was the moment. From making me squealing and smiling with happiness *still in cloud 9*, drove me to cry a river with Jeremy, the awkwardness moment between ShinWoo and MiNyeo, the almost-revealing of the real GO MI NAM and MiNyeo‘s mix emotions towards Mo HwaRan…. everything, just everything sum up to one simple line for the day… I AM SPEECHLESS ^^.
Contained lots of flailing and squealing! Strictly not for anti!
*flail & squeal*
TaeKyun, semi-whispering… “I like you”

The simple blue sky then filled with roses… pink roses.
now Redge, this reminded me of Kuroki (the oboe-ist) and Kiyora (the violinist) in Nodame Cantabile. The part when the grey Mozart’s turned to pink rose because of Megumi and Mine^^. I’m so helpless… *teheee~~*
Tae Kyung did his cute teasing part well done when he kept repeating the “like” word which drove MiNyeo to endless hiccuping every time the word “like” is mentioned.

TaeKyung: …. like ….
MiNyeo: (hiccups)
Me: *squeal*

What made me love Hwang Tae Kyung even more is he confessed his feeling to the appropriate people.. read MiNam‘s manager. Yes, manager… the person that MiNyeo likes is TaeKyung-ssi, not ShinWoo.

*flail & squeal*
More… *flail and squeal*
ahhh… TaeKyung-ssi, you’re “assaulting” a naive almost-nun-in-the-making ^^
At episode 14-th… the viewer says.. “finally, a real one ^^”
I’ve mentioned my worries on Jeremy’s growing feeling. Of course he did not take the news (of MiNyeo like TaeKyung) in a good way. Off he went to cure his broken heart with his “magic bus”.
I wonder, how can he looked so “beautiful” with all those tears and all that angst feeling inside him? Lee HongKi dragged me along .. dwelling with tears… *sob-sob sob*. He portrayed his innocence and direct feeling very well that I just can NOT stop my tears…Sobbing along with Jeremy…

The clossing for ep 14 brought us finally into the conflict of MiNyeo’s late father and TaeKyung’s mom. I am so tensed I am speechless…. let’s call it a day here.

By the way, I know the real MiNam is the same Park Shin Hye but I can stop grinning widely when I saw a little glimpse of him (ermm… her? what ever)

On the side note, I want this…and this…


You’re beautiful @ episode 13

“faNoona-ing”-mode over Hwang TaeKyung.
disclaimer: the term “faNoona-ing”, credit to Rin-chan

I am smiling ear to ear. So what if TaeKyung-ssi told that MiNyeo can like him just like his fan. He’s been insecure with everything, so saying this lines upfront to MiNyeo who weeks ago was like a disease to him was something very romantic in a way. I’ll faint listening to those cheesy lines anyway rather than watching some Hollywood-like crush (over it! done!). By the way, did you see his smile when he hugs her? *flail*
The moment when they’re giving their respect to Superior Mother before they went off was adorable. I mean, I have the feeling like they’re getting blessing from their parents… in a way *sigh*.
and TaeKyung never stop giving me wide smile by “ordering” MiNyeo to feed him some of those soury lime( like he had not had enough of it during the shot). ahh.. you’re acting up like a grumpy-demanding child huh TaeKyung-ssi? ^^

By the way, remember about the reporter-ajushi whose sniffing around for controversy? He’s the wicked one.. finally he found the photo of MiNyeo in a dress and he demanded some explanation from the A.N. management. Clever…. and he gets all the hot scoop for himself!
Which left TaeKyung and MiNyeo who just about to enjoy their precious time together to stop dreaming because MiNyeo need to follow ShinWoo to the A.N. office and made some explanation (of course by telling the half truth that MiNyeo is MiNam‘s twin sister).

But what can TaeKyung do now?
O yeah, give her the 100,000 won hair pin *wink* and watch how MiNyeo who just confessed her feeling to him being “carried off away” by ShinWoo.
Rin-chan, don’t you think this resembled the time when Yinok had GilDong’s spectacles in her hand while meeting with the royal elders to support ChangHwi (JGS) back then?
Owh.. how my heart breaks witnessing this moment! ShinWoo’s gesture and “proclamation” to TaeKyung… as if TK’s not there! *sigh*

aah… did I mentioned JGS-cuteness overload?? hohoho… These photos explain it.
another 100 moment! *flail and squeal*
Again, another happy moment for me to know that MiNam did not followed ShinWoo to Busan to meet with ShinWoo‘s parent (dame that manager!!).
If only this moment stays…. But there’s more conflicts to come in the future with three episodes left. *sigh*

Okay ShinWoo, you can go to Busan now. I know your heart ache but TaeKyung won the case if I were the judge. You have been a sweet heart, again and again! But.. alas, my heart, eyes and mind are on TaeKyung even he annoyed me, being a snob, and all the bad thing you can name off. I can name you THE BEST SECOND MALE LEAD ever. If that’s too much, you can be sure I will get the title of BEST NEW SECOND MALE LEAD EVER for you..
Jihu sunbae? Who is Jihu sunbae? *giggle*

You’re beautiful @ episode 11 & 12

And TaeKyung did kissed MiNyeo at episode 11. But didn’t you think that episode 12 is more endearing to watch? So thus, Rae will skip to ramble about epi 11 and move to epi 12! atta!!!

TaeKyung & MiNyeo’s moment

So what’s happened after TaeKyung kissed MiNyeo?

The response from both of them are cute in a way. TaeKyung broke the awkwardness by laughing, kinda putting the blame on MiNyeo and left the “crime scene”. That leave us wondering.. what’s he’s thinking? But I get mushy later to find that TaeKyung get soft knee as soon as MiNyeo was not in sight and tried to explain himself to the sudden incident. Naive? NOT.. but I think since he’s just being a freak-control about things around him and that includes his feelings, this was more like a break-out from his comfort zone.
Meanwhile, our favourite MiNyeo‘s reaction was totally acceptable but the fireworks thingy just made this adorable. Her “star” kissed her and its exploded into bits of more stars… Don’t this remind you of those cartoon that when the hero kissed the heroin, there’s explosions of everything?

Since TaeKyung had stopped MiNyeo from meeting ShinWoo, ShinWoo gets upset and worry. MiNyeo had promised him and he had been stood up a few times! He have all the reason to be angry!

only to find MiNyeo was crying in the dark.

I know some will think that this scene reminded you all about “Jihu-sunbae playing the guitar to comfort Jandi” and all it lack off was some egg tart bartering*smile*.

And just about when we think, “Owh… it probably will be SHinWoo‘s moment” TaeKyung came and stole the show. Can you even blame him for looking so good even he’s such a snob?

And what a “Korean sweet-heart” aka fake fairy’s strategy to get “Korean’s Idol Group” humbled down to her order? Well… by blackmailing them all to reveal the secret of these guys favourite girl of course. But instead felt seriously annoyed by HeYi‘s over reacting demand (like the time when TaeKyung was her only victim), I found it annoyed in a hysterically funny way when all the boys get bullied by her. She knew how to be a drama queen and use the power that she hold within.

Then came to my favourite scene of the show. It’s MiNyeo & ShinWoo’s moment in the glass house, wearing such a lavish attire, surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers, while its raining outside. Such a marvelous setting!


to be found by

and I must confess that ShinWoo made me dwell in tears T_T. What a sweet thing to say to MiNyeo 😦

ahh, please don’t tell me he looked like “someone” (again). I want his old hair-do back! pronto!!


thanks to Fake Fairy and her brilliant plot to forever make TaeKyung hers, TaeKyung found out about MiNyeo‘s feeling for him!

When there’s still four more episodes to go and almost all the secrets had been revealed and answered, it’s just a matter of putting all this jigsaw pieces together. So I summoned the reporter below and let’s rooting on him to summarise everything for us. He’s been sniffing around for a reason! Go Reporter-ajusshi!!

side note:

Just a loving note for some who still wonders or hopes that TaeKyung & MiNyeo might be blood related, it’s mentioned by TaeKyung’s mom that they ARE NOT!
However, can’t stop thinking that the issue for TaeKyung and MiNyeo later would be about how “big” the love his mom had for MiNyeo’s father that she even abandoned poor TaeKyung. TaeKyung might need to deal with that while MiNyeo probably need to deal with guilt feeling. But this is just me… let’s all wait for episode 13 ya people, and this time… I made a commitment to steer away from all spoilers (if I can).

You’re beautiful @ episode 10

This is no comfort zone for TaeKyung‘s fan. I literally torturing myself doing this since I had done a previous short post regards to You’re Beautiful @ episode 10 [click to read]. However This need to be done so I can sleep peacefully. I know its absurd but I can be carried away if its involves Jang Geun Seok *smile*. By the way, just some loving note if you’re still wondering, I do not do recap(s). I watched this RAW and with this little knowledge of Korean language my vocabulary is very-very-VERY limited… *sigh*.

Now, lets begin with my rambling and possible ranting.


I actually love (more) the scene when TaeKyung went shopping for MiNam‘s and had all those imaginations which dress will suit MiNam the best, but I had something to say about this one, so bear with me.

MiNam is finally sick! (yeah, we’ve been waiting for her to be sick because the spoiler spoiled us by telling that she will be taken care off by _you know who!_ lol~~) .There’s lots of possible causes. She had been wet by HeYi, she’s physically tired due to all the activities regarding her first single, she’s stressed by her own feeling towards TaeKyung, and then HeYi came to scrub the salt to her wound and orally tortured her. How can a super sweet heart like MiNam handled all these things at once?

Now, this scene somehow reminds me of the Jdorama Nodame Cantabile where Megumi suddenly appeared like a zombie infront of Chiaki. This is one of the best sick-look ever! But watching this at around 3 am spook me out. Yeah.. I have a weak heart! *sigh*

MiNam fainted and TaeKyung decided to bring her to the hospital. Which later did not succeed because MiNam refused to. I was happy to see how TaeKyung insisted to take care of MiNam when ShinWoo tend to interfere (yea… back-off ShinWoo !!).


Finally TaeKyung told Jeremy and ShinWoo that MiNam is a she. He told them, that they should be looking for the girl (he knew MiNam will appear as a yeoja (woman) since the dress that he bought for her had gone). Well, of course ShinWoo knew it. While Jeremy is still shocked and try to process the sudden fact, ShinWoo and TaeKyung rushed to search for MiNam. TaeKyung saw MiNam and tried to run after her. But alas… she entered the dark hall which her first single press conference is about to start. At this point, I almost hit the screen… why? because I knew TaeKyung can’t see very well in the dark (okay, we all knew that! lol~~ carried away). sigh…. of all moment, dam* !! MiNam is just in front of him but he couldn’t see her. He shouted out of desperate and the light is turned on and there stands TaeKyung and MiNam (or should I say MiNyeo) on the aisle.

And just about when the people (and the screaming fans) about to wonder what’s happening, ShinWoo came and hug her.
(me –> NOOO!!!!!! along with kicking action)

Reporters asking about something (I assumed that they’re asking who is “the girl”).

ShinWoo, looked at TaeKyung and said, “She’s my woman!”

DANG!!!!!! This is the only line that I understand and how I was hurt by that!

By the way, the background song really fits this!
O yeah! the angst, the jealously… but again, let’s try to think this in a good way.
Will TaeKyung finally come to his sense??
nah!!!! He’s just to proud to admit that! Tsk tsk tsk…

Jeremy is still in shocked-state but this event made him felt worst. Yeah, poor Jeremy.. now you understand why your hyung‘s been so nice to MiNam.

I am still trying to be positive about everything. Like ShinWoo did this to save MiNam from being discovered etc. But he managed to “kill two birds with one stone“. At the same time, I regretly feel good since TaeKyung now felt the feeling MiNam‘s felt when he *kiss* HeYi

As for ShinWoo, is it really for MiNam‘s sake or could he just did this so TaeKyung will back-off , nicely… or out of desperation as well..??? Yeah, I know you ShinWoo’s fan(s) out there. He’s the super-sweet heart, right?

episode 10 – my limit

HeYi, dear HeYi.. rule no. 1 to get the man of your dream, be nice with his friend. But you did the vice versa, so I guess you’re just bored and kicking ass around!

More scenes to love (and to seriously hate). Again, I am not disappointed by the casts.

But alas…. now, I am sick @_@.

Not sick of You’re Beautiful but physically sick because of my late nights watching it.

My head is spinning.. can’t even post the frozen screen *tsk tsk tsk* and I think I can see JGS everywhere I turned to.

It’s been a long night and I really need those ZZzzz….

I wish TaeKyung will be nursing me … just send me that piggy-bunny, and I’ll be fine *_*.

By the way, just for the side note…. TaeKyung-ssi, I love lime green! *hugs*

p/s: It’s 4 am and final part still not up. That’s all for tonight beautiful people. Forget about that, it’s just up so I’ll be finishing this.


Okay, I just had to add this.
O dear ShinWoo, you just lost my compassion towards you.
But again, it’s a sweet revenge by proclaiming that MiNam MiNyeo is your woman! atta! That way, TaeKyung will come to his sense.

I wonder if I could sleep peacefully tonite.. *sigh*

TaeKyung-ssi, I still love lime green!

*done at 4.30 am*