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Northern Limit Line

I finally found time to watch Korean movie Northern Limit Line last night. Yay! I admit that I wanted to watch the movie because of Jin Goo (heavily influenced by DotS), and also because I’m such a sucker for war-related movies.. plus Kim Moo Yul looks hot in those white navy uniform.


Based on true events happened in June 2002, the movie is about the lives of courageous sailors on board South Korean patrol boat Chamsuri 357. Led by Lt. Commander Yoon Young Ha (Kim Moo Yul), Chamsuri 357 was doing its normal routine patrolling the maritime border when it was suddenly under attack.



It was heartbreaking enough for me to watch the movie until the end as it was depicted from real story and it happened during the World Cup tournament which South Korea and Japan were co-hosting at that time.

My heart goes out to the families of the brave sailors who lost their lives on that fateful day. May their souls rest in peace. 필승!!


Never Ending Story

I think it had been a while since I watched any movie. I ended up with this one last week. Although the story setting supposed to be dark or gloomy, I found the story to be rather cute. Yeah, how could “waiting” for your death day to come would be more interesting to some eh. Anyway, thanks for the sweet ending.


The Restless (2006)

This is one of those movies that have splendid settings, beautiful casts, nice effects, awesome wardrobes but draggy storyline and just a so-so love story.
Luckily enough the movie did not manage to send me to Zzzz-land. Yup, though hubby and I yawned again and again through the film, we managed watched it till the end the combo epic of the spiderman-like villian+Storm Warrior wannabe+Lord of the Ring demons+StarWars’ scene.
Will I recommend this movie? If you’re a sageuk fan or fantasy-like fan or love story die hard fan or ghost/demon slayer fan or Kim Tae Hee / Jeong Woo Seong’s fan, do watch BUT lower your expectation. Watch it in HD as well to make sure you enjoy the beautiful scenery because that’s the only thing that manage to get me stay put to watch this till the end. 😦
Its the story of a YI Kwak (Jeong Woo Seong) who can see demons/ spirits of the dead. However, because of his ability, he caused his fiancee (Kim Tae Hee) died when people accused her of being a witch. Later, YI Kwak was chosen to be one of the royal demon slayer team knwon as the Chuyongdae only to learn that the team also want to fight and change the so-called corrupted world. Since YI Kwak decided not to join the rebellion, he’s the only one whose not killed by the royal army but later to be hunted down as well since he was the Chuyongdae late appointed leader. Injured while seeked for a refuge in an abandoned shrine, he “magically” transferred to the mid-heaven&earth kingdom where he saw his dead fiancee but seemed to lose all her memories on him. It also happened that the dead spirit of his Chuyondae colleague were after his ex-fiancee as well to get the magical stone she appointed with that can give them power to open the gate to the human world and enable them to have revenge for their death and to change the corrupted world *yawn*. YI Kwak pledged to defend his ex-fiancee from whoever tried to kill her this time although its mean to kill his own ex-team mates. Everything end with a disaster for the heroes and heroines but at least the earth and, the middle earth&heaven are safe.

The Happy Life (2007)

Will one’s bad relationship with their dad works otherwise with their dad’s friend(s)? This is what Happy Life about. Well, not entirely but yeah.
I had a happy feeling after watching this. NOPE, it’s not just because of Geun Suk although he was the main reason why I watched it *tehee~~*. The rest “uncles” were also good and entertaining enough. You might find that this movie did not really overloaded with Geun Suk face, which later I found out to be the exact intention of the director just so the female viewer would not just focus on him. Despite that, this movie is worth to watch just because it’s indeed a good movie itself. I tried not to make comparison of JGS’s work but I must say that this is way better than the Geun Suk latest Itaewon Murder. It’s fun as well to watch Jeong Jin Yeong (as the lead guitarist, Gi Yeong) other side than his public prosecutor role in Itaewon Murder (and he sang in this too).
synopsis with potential spoiler:-
The story roles in with the death of SangWo and his college’s friends came to give him respect. They met with Sang Wo‘s son, Hyun Joon (by Jang Geun Suk) -this will be the only scene with Geun Suk on screen until much…much … later 😦 . Call it mid-life crisis or not, the rest of the gang later decided to release their stresses on work and life by re-forming their band (named Active Volcano) and even dream about going on stage, only to learn that they get rejected for their lousy audition (the late Sang Woo was their vocalist after all). That’s where Hyun Joon came to the rescue by joining and helping the band to get on a bigger stage. They even get young girl-fans who think they rock just like Mike Jagger and such, and even helped them later on. One fan girl said that she wished her father was as cool as these uncles by being in a band (note to fangirl, you’ll have different view if he was your dad unless he was a band-member long before you were born. Yup, I have a dad who once mentioned of trying to imitate Santana). But life issues for the band members gets critical when one was getting a divorce by his wife who currently staying oversea (Canada) and another was having a hard time with his wife leaving home. GiYeong however will have green eye response from men viewers for having such an understanding wife and supportive daughter despite him being laid off from work and had debts around his waist (literally speaking ^^). After difficulties and struggling, they finally made it and had a club of their own.


Active Volcano on stage (between the lines… Geun Suk on stage ^^)
Loving note for Geun Suk’s fan:
Not much of cute smile(s) available (which I like) BUT I can assure you that you will be totally swooned over by Jang Geun Suk total coolness and awesome voice in this movie. Geun Suk acted as a “glue”, making sure all those cool scenes stick together nicely and remind us that everyone should enjoyed the youthful feeling despite what age you’re in. And owh… hanging around with a group of middle aged men can be totally awesome *giggle*. I really am glad I watched this after I watched You’re Beautiful. Remind me off my “first love”… *wink*.
What to expect:
  • During their earlier debut on performing, when the band “stop” and Hyun Joon said (with his deep husky voice), “Hey, the flames are dancing” *melting……*
  • While Active Volcano performing the Happy Life song (Hyun Joon’s dad last piece before he died), the “uncles’ singing were superb. It gave me the kind of feeling just like when I listened to oldies… timeless (^^!)
You can watch THE HAPPY LIFE streaming online [here]. Credit to shy2x17
p/s: You think Rae might be JGS deprived? She probably is ^^

side note: Now I’m concern to what hubby’s mid life crisis will be. Will he get back on the hot wheels like he used to? Or would he be diving craze just like the old time? Que sera sera …


Did I mentioned that today (Sunday) was my lucky day? I even got to watch Haeundae after borrowing the movie from my cousin this morning. Oh, it’s my second Ha Ji Won’s movie for the day ^^.
for recaps/ spolier/ info from Wiki.. [read here]
Although it’s about natural disaster, I love the side stories that went along before the tragedy struck. When most films (referring to Hollywood’s) with the same interest mostly/ usually stressed on how they coped with the preparation of the disaster, Haeundae made us getting more connected with the roles with everyday stories about families, loves and interests reminds me how real life went.. I think at least 60% of the movie covers that.
Therefore, later… I felt the pain and the loss more than that tensed feeling when the tsunami came. Me and my hubby however can’t help it but laugh at that one guy’s pure luck (the guy who drove the truck, yelled at his poor mother on the phone, strained on the bridge and later was “pushed” to save others).
Personally, I was touched when Hyeong Sik (by Lee Min Ki) saved his own “rival” which led to his own death. *sob sob*

I also learn that Haeundae refers to a place and does not means tsunami ^^.

It’s not really the best movie around but it’s still worth to watch.

Rina-chan, I agree with you that this is an OK movie.^^

But I’m not sure if my mind was still overshadowed by The Duelist while watching this *sigh*

The Duelist

For more info at Wiki, [click here]
all photos credit to HanCinema
I had been searching high and low for this. It’s my lucky day. My heart is still tingling even after hours watching this. Truthfully, the only reason I was anticipated about this movie since years back (pity me huh for only found it now!) was merely because Ha Ji Won and the awesome poster. Ah, should I say I was a sageuk junkie as well? tehee~~ And reading Thundie’s review about this awesome masterpiece made me putting in all effort to find it!
Ha Ji Won as Namsoon.
This side of JiWon is one of my favourite apart from HwangJinYi. She’s AWESOME!!

Kang Dong Won as Sad Eyes aka Seulpeunnun.
The only other roles that I had seen him was in 1% of Anything. I love this side of him so… much better.

I had so much to say that I just don’t know where to start. I love this movie to every BIT of it so much that it drove me speechless. I can watch this again and again and again…. Even the movie itself did not have much lines to listen at. You just had to fix your eyes straight to the screen. This movie seriously gave me the message that “silence is indeed golden”.. or perhaps even better.
In a way, this movie remind me the earlier scene of Fung Wan (a Wuxia comic later adapted to famous Storm Rider) and Mulan.
I can get weak at knees at the sight of artistic sword fighting and metaphor way of speech. You might see me drool over them. ^^ That’s why when Seulpeunnun asked Namsoon, “Why are you following me? …” with his sad, somber and almost deep voice… Rae’s melting.. over and over and over… Now I have another favourite on actor for their voice beside Jang GeunSuk*wink*.
If you’re worry about this movie being too serious, it won’t. Namsoon had her own gag but still somehow, Seulpeunnun transformed that moment and sent me to “la la land”.

Never a duel had gave me this kind of excitement before. ^^

The ending was exquisite*wink* but just can’t stop me from wonders, another ending just like Malaysian’s Puteri Gunung Ledang? Nevertheless, this is by far the best korean movie.


Itaewon Murder

Horror or violence genre was never my favourite. However, I will watch it if it involved brilliant investigation lines such as CSI:Crime Scene Investigation and Criminal Minds though I’ll skip and close my eyes for scenes that show too much of blood (yup, I’m a little bit of Haemophobia). Sometime, I pass and endure it IF there are things that I like about the story or movie or drama. In this particular movie.. it’s all about Jang Geun Suk *faNoona-ing*.

Anticipated watching GeunSuk as a murderer suspect? Nope, more like excited to watch him speaks his English lines^^. The verdict–> not bad!

Again, I watched this almost RAW (the full sub still not up but luckily there’s lines in english). It’s hard to enjoy it to the fullest when most of the scenes were either in the court or in the investigation room. Therefore, they spoke more un-familiar words to Rae’s vocabulary. Despite that, Rae had a nice eye-feast on her favourite candy boy! lol~~~
In that case it wouldn’t be fair to rate this movie since I wouldn’t have known if the investigator/ police/ prosecutor/ lawyer did a brilliant job. Having seen this… I can understand why Jang Geun Suk did not awarded with the Best Supporting Actor. Sadly, his roles were not strong enough portrayed as a psychopathic. It’s almost there, but still quite not there yet. JGS’ smirk and chilly smiles however did give me a creepy feeling. The scenes were convincing but lack the thrilling which made it almost dull. This movie more likely showing the flaw in the whole investigation system. The finale was suddenly filled with anti-climax which of course strengthen the idea of weak investigation.
Watch ONLY if you’re JGS’s hardcore fan or you really REALLY love investigation type with less action and filled with heavy lines. Other wise, ABORT! Seriously! Now, don’t say I didn;t warned you ^^.

A trial to find the real murderer between two friend;
Pearson (by Jang Geun Suk- above) and Alex (by Sin Seung Hwan- below)

and I thought the “Lie detection” machine can solve the case.
The below reading was belong to Alex.

JGS – needless to say

I am anticipated for the coming 46th Annual Daejong Film Awards. Why? Because Jang Geun Suk is one of the nominee for Best Supporting Actor for the film Itaewon Murder Case (2009).

I believe he deserves the nomination for being passionate about his work. I’ve seen him in quite numbers of roles. He is a pretty boy alright but we can see that he have more that just the look. His voice compliment his bad boy attitude which work perfectly in what drama-fans would call “drama-land”. On the other hand, it works wonders as well if he’s just playing the sweetheart. Owh, just can’t get enough of him! *giggle*

The Case of Itaewon Homicide/ Itaewon Murder (이태원 살인사건 ) ‘s
movie poster
Haven’t watch this because I am trying to be patient to wait for the english sub but who knows untill when I can endure that “I-want-to watch-it-now” feeling.

all photos credit to Hancinema
I don’t normally goes ga-ga over horror genre but…
, you have all my love and support for this!
*faNoona-ing mode*

At the same time, I am still trying to understand how this nomination thingy goes because I was actually quite surprised to see Kang Ji Hwan nominated in the Best New Actor category! Not because he’s nominated of course but by the fact that he was nominated in that category. I don’t think he’s that close as being called a “new actor”. Don’t you think? But again… I really do not have any idea how this nomination thingy goes.

To read complete list of nomination [read here]

Itaewon Murder Case

Featuring Jang Geun Seok.
*turned on the JGS-mode*(smirk)

The story of the movie basically based on a true incident that happened in 1997 (in Itaewon of course). This movie definitely will show the other side of this candy-boy, and as regular stoppers knew.. I really look forward for the movie. It said to be released on September so we might need to wait for another month after September for it to available locally.

Can’t wait to watch JGS with a cool-headed character along with the deep voice of his *melt*. Hope that this movie will be success. JGS… hwaiting!!! *giggle*


It’s Prince Shin in the Kitchen!!! yay!!!

Yup, knowing Joo Ji Hoon in the movie, I was quite excited. I am still tending my heart with Joo Ji Hoon’s shocking drug’s scandal. Anyway, since there’s JJH and there’s also Shin Min-A in it, I gave it a try. To read the story plot, [click here]. I’m kinda lazy+tired to re-tell the story plot.

Hmm… again my Prince Shin in the kitchen but instead of opening a bakery, now he’s a french-korean chef. My-my… looking him working in the kitchen look so yummy.

How good it is? Let just say that I prefer watching “Kim Jae Wook’s gay-demonic-charm-love” in Antique Bakery. huhuhu… Yup, the only thing that made me stick till the end was JJH (while fast-forwarding a few scenes that didn’t really spark any interest to me*yawn*). Personally, I think the movie was quite dull. I wonder if it just me? Since I’m quite tired while watching in at the start. However, the production props I think made some real effort as I did actually fell in love with the settings, the house… etc.

* by the way, I just realised that JJH was kinda skinny in the movie. Might be related to the scandal.. *sigh*

Even JJH won’t make me watch it for the second time. ~meow~~~ (^^!)