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A Goblin, a Bride and a Reaper

I can’t help but grinning from ear to ear when I saw this scene ^^



Ghost (유령) : First Impression & Midway Review

If I am to name one drama that are being under-rated this year, it would be this drama. Or perhaps there’s something about me not giving this high expectation (unlike that other current drama) and made me fell head over heels. This feeling reminds me of Dream High, minus the high rating thanks to the idols. ANYWAY…….. I will try not to spoil you with the story since this post is more like a first impression thing but I will give you hints on how good this drama will be.

One thing you have to know is that, I do not bias on this drama since I am not really interested in the actors nor the actresses (when I watched the trailer). Yes, me no really likey So Ji Sub-ssi :P. Put all the blame on the other brother in Sorry I love You who captured my heart but lost the girl to So Ji Sub which led me to ditch JiSub-ssi for life! Well… almost. **Sorry, keep side-tracked :P.  As for the heroine, I never really bothered about Lee Yeon Hee.  So yeah, I basically watched Ghost with zero anticipation… along with some worry actually because I was expecting something scary (reffering to the title).

So what good about Ghost? One thing for sure, less stupid people. Lols…. I think the only slow-thinker in this drama is the heroine herself just because she always… I mean like ALWAYS did not realised that the runaway criminal walk past through her (and me was screaming in my head pointing at the so obvious criminal on my TV). Almost everyone think quick and realised that SOMETHING is WRONG! Trust is a big matter as well. Criminals are smart to the bones and rarely intimidated. Oh! And should I tempted you with the BIG twist that I did not prepared for as well? *giggle* I’ll save it for myself. Ah, another point that I should give Ghost for it quick pace of story and non-repetitive things. Did I tempted you well?

I Do I Do ~ First Impression


I kind of like with what I’ve seen so far with this new MBC drama.  Kim Sun Ah plays Hwang Ji An, a director in a shoe company, who is also a workaholic and loves shoes very very much. She has a walk-in closet full of shoes to die for.  I envy her! 😀

Lee Jang Woo plays Park Tae Kang, whose father is a shoemaker and through a contest, gets a job in Hwang Ji An’s company. 

The story was entertaining so far although you may say that it’s just like any other Kdramas that you’ve ever watched. And I hope it will continue to do so 🙂

Shut Up Flower Boy Band


Shut Up Flower Boy Band (닥치고 꽃미남 밴드) is a story about a group of high schoolers with their dream to become a successful band.  Performing on a competition at the Rock Festival was the opening of opportunities. But would that lead to happiness or breaking their bond as brothers?

The band Eye Candy (안구정화) comprises of Ji Hyuk as the vocalist and leader of the band, Hyun Soo as the lead guitarist, Ha Jin the bassist, cutie Kyung Jong as the keyboardist and drummer Do Il.


Deep Rooted Tree

I am excited for this new historical drama. Not only because one of my fav actors Jang Hyuk is in the lead role and flower boy Song Joong Ki also in it (yay!), but simply because period drama is just my cup of tea 😀 Hopefully I can squeeze my time to watch this.

Cr: JustJangHyuk555

Warrior Baek Dong Soo: First Impression

Everything to like in a drama. Gorgeous casts, gorgeous cinematography, great fighting scene, beautiful scenery.. everything. This drama really should not be viewed by children since the production team really DID the killing scene damn good. Chopped hands flew, sword stabbed s.l.o.w.l.y (I definitely felt the pain urgh!) etc. It feels like a comic Wuxia came to life… in a kdrama world 🙂

Well, OneHD in Malaysia just aired episode 6 last night and now I can go gaga over this drama since its time for the boys to be.. well, almost adult man. Lots of  eye candy *blush*.

By the way, I finally found the reason why Rae quite attached with period stories (drama/film/comic) despite not liking history lessons and can be easily confused with thousand of years event. Its in the attire. Ancient wardrobe make that regular Joe turned into sizzling hawt.

Take our Oh Man Suk (as Crown Prince Sado) for instance. I never really like him in any of his work before.. and I hardly recognise him in WBDS! I felt like I knew this handsome prince was familiar on my screen but couldn’t really pinpoint from where. Until I googled WBDS’s casts of course and think, “Oh Man Suk sound VERY familiar!”. Owh the very indeed! *smack on the forehead!*. OMS in period attire is manly… I L.I.K.E 😀

The same tune goes to Ji Chang Wook although I have not (yet) find him hot but he looked mighty fine here in WBDS compare to his Smile, DongHae and The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House.

However, of course the winner is the young Yoo Seung Ho. This boy looked mighty fine in every era but dashingly good in this. Dont’ agree with me?

Enuff said… ^^

I somehow knew which route this drama will take later on although not precisely how and I feel bad about it already but I decided to enjoy every process of this. Dame! Bad versus good never felt this bad so early on :(. Me on team red, but I guess you knew :P. Rae is all about Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars) , Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto), Cloud (Storm Warriors) and Yeom Jang (Emperor of the Sea) alike. *giggle* Right now, I can’t wait for next week to come.

**All photos are credit back to HanCinema

You’ve Fallen for Me aka Heartstring : An Afterthought

YongHwa should do another shoujo story. Yeah, despite the drama was music think its more to shoujo streamline. I knew I said it before and I will say it again, YongHwa potrayed Shin’s love towards KyuWon was just amazing. I can surely feel that he was really in love with KyuWon onscreen. I can tell it through the light and sparkle in his eyes, the way he smiles while looking at her..or even while holding her hand. It’s not as intense as the “I lub thee” look like YoonSung’s love in City Hunter but it enough to send me swoon in lala-land. kekekeke…

Here’s a glimpse of the love I saw in JYH ermmm I mean Lee Shin’s

PSH was a bit let-down here. Was it because their real-life friendship? Given that PSH was an actor child, I was hoping she did better. I found that she’s a bit shy toward her counterpart and sometime a bit bland so now I feel like the chemistry was a bit off.

Or maybe I am still blinded/over shadowed by the sparkling love between the recent hot hot HOT Min-Min couple eh? However, I quite like PSH in Goong 2 (despite not really liking the whole drama). Maybe she should stop being the cute cute CUTE for the time being. The thing that PSH did awesomely well in this drama was choosing her wardrobe. I was kinda tired watching KDrama with bleh fashion. My cousin said, it’s like the men wearing their hyung’s clothes and the women wearing their dongsaeng’s dress. Couldn’t agree more. hehehhee…

As a whole, this drama was ok ok to me. Somehow..there’s time I think the writer kinda lost on what or which story to tell. Although I knew its about Shin and KyuWon, but by bringing KiYoung quite strongly at the first quarter of the drama made me expecting more of KiYoung’s story. The shirt-tearing was ok *giggle* but me was not sattisfied. I feel like the writer did once wanted KiYoung to be one of the story but somehow, he was brushed away, almost unnoticingly :-(. Or perhaps the writer never intended about KiYoung’s part but he stole the show, a little bit.. somehow.

Shin’s little crush to profesor YoonJu was a bit off. Me no likey :P. It did not gave me any impact. Our pretty drummer boy (like how my mom called him..ehem! yes my mom watched this along with me..ngehehhe) crush on Han Hee Joo was cute and adorable. It took me 13 dang episodes to actually realised that Joon Hee called her “unni” instead of “noona”. *sigh*. Oh, and must I say that Han Hee Joo’s (by WooRi) character had that break through that I like..much more than Ki Young’s.

The ending goes along well with the light story. Not that great but not bad either. Still my heart ache because of Shin. Why must Shin endured all? 😦 Anyway, thanks You’ve Fallen for Me for this light heart drama. Yeah, I think this tittle suit the drama more than HeartString, now that I watched it 🙂 because indeed.. I have fallen for Jung Yong Hwa’s love this drama (I guess Shin’s little spell did worked on me). Now.. if only JYH “really k.i.s.s” PSH, fireworks will explode. **Rae means like really really kiss her instead of just pressing the lips \(^o^)/

Protect The Boss

Oh, Ji Sung ssi.. you rock! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I felt like this year is the year where macho men turned funny (read: Song Seung Hun in My Princess and Cha Seung Won in Best Love). Of course not being as funny as a gagman and so forth, but enough to make a Kdrama fan like me to notice that they’re not acting the same tough roles all over again. And Ji Sung (whom I adored since Save The Last Dance For Me) also turned comical for his new drama, which is also my current crack – Protect The Boss.

Plays as an immature son of a company’s president, Cha Ji Heon becomes panicky when it comes to presentation.  (Shall not elaborate as it might lead to spoilers 🙂 )

Choi Kang Hee as Noh Eun Seol is delightfully entertaining. Frankly, I have never seen her projects before. Just for a short while when she was in cameo appearance in Thank You alongside Jang Hyuk and Gong Hyo Jin.

Former delinquent in high school and unemployed, Eun Seol finally got a job as Cha Ji Heon’s secretary.

Jaejoong of trio group JYJ plays Cha Moo Won, Ji Heon’s smart cousin and favourite candidate to succeed as the company’s president.  This is also my first time watching Jaejoong in any dramas, and as far as episode 4 goes, everything’s good 🙂

As Heartstrings is going to end this week, I’m glad that I have PTB to rely on (aside from those dramas airing on KBS) ^^

Lie To Me : An Afterthought

“Time has no end and leaves no trace. Space is infinite and leaves no mark : Hyun Ki Joon”. Oh Hyun Ki Joon-ssi, you are so fine you made me swoon all the time ^^

While most kdrama shipper abandoned this drama, I am glad that I had believed in the pairing of Kang Ji Hwan (as Hyun Ki Joon) and Yoon Eun Hye (as Gong Ah Jung).

No Lie…

Yes, the first quarter of the drama could have been shorter by chopping off some scene.. (montage magic should be useful)

Yes, the “ice-cream” kiss made Rae stick up to the drama when it almost fell apart

Yes, the reason for the lie was stupid (below photo was the reason’s root)

BUT man the end result was worth all the wait *heart*.

Rae laughed, cringed, cried and celebrated along while watching this drama. Apart from having a new perspective on Kang Ji Hwan, we.. Lie to Me shipper, agreed that we will never look cola the same way again, tomato juice can be used as a prop in a “sudden death situation”, date(s) on a duck weren’t too bad, ice-cream song and ice cream kiss are H.O.T, and KJH and YEH should date in real life and make pretty babies. ermm.. okay, I went overboard with the latter part. Huahaha…

Thanks LTM for making a satisfying ending. I love thee for that xoxoxo.

Ah, I almost forgot about the dear Sung Joon (as Hyun Sang Hee – Ki Joon little brother) whom I liked in WC. I liked you better as a super elite student in WC. The coldness worked for me. Not saying he was bad in LtM, he was just not as good as he was in WC. Hope it will work for me in your next project.

Best Love

Review @ Ep 08

For the first time,  I am totally on the second lead line. Yup… Pil-line it is and I think it’s very VERY unlikely for me to change boat later. Totally swooned by that ramen-rebelling-boy (Yoon Pil Joo by Yoon Kye Sang). I however agreed that Cha Seung Won’s DokGo Jin is an entertaining personality. Who knows this gangsta-paradise-looked fella can be funny eh. But as funny as he was, I just never get the chemistry worked between him and AeJung (Gong Hyo Jin). And while we are at that, as much love I have for all the colours.. I’ll skipped off on those camelias, cherry blossoms and azaleas just to dwell in the clover forest. Am I allowed?