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On The Way To The Airport


We had been warned ahead that this drama might be one of the most melo drama of the year (It was their tagline. I kid you not). I cringed at the warning, but it got me hooked. Maybe it was Kim Haneul’s aura. Yup, I am a fan. Plus, Lee Sang Yoon had won my heart being melo since Angel Eyes. It’s ironic though, when a story that started with leads that are already married to others is usually not my cup of tea. But as story unfold, and plots built up, I some how starting to like it. Maybe writer-nim did wrote from unusual different perspective. I cheered for the lovely friendship between Soo Ah (Kim Haneul) and her bff, Mijin.

Plus, Kim Haneul’s chemistry with Lee Sang Yoon is no joke.


Personally, this is one of my favourite “Drama Title”. You know…when title name, story and plot really make sense *smirk*.

A big round of applause for a beautiful ending…



Personal Reviews on Korean Movies -part 2-

Wow!! second part?? hehe… Must I trouble myself for the comforts of others? *wink-wink* Don’t worry, I love doing it anyway. Hopefully my reviews can help you choose which one to watch ya!!

Ice Rain
Very nice… and further, I love… Kim Ha-Neul. Though she’s almost was the main topic here.. the story actually about two men and their love lifes that revolved on one woman and her interest. The beautiful sights of the mountains were great. Though I am not into hiking or climbing… I like this movie.
Lovely RivalsThis is a cute story about a love rivals that you can hardly imagine *LOL*. A girl and her classroom teacher were fighting over the school’s new art teacher. However, things were not necessary look like how we thought it was. A good movie and can be watched and enjoyed by the whole family (especially small girls).
(watch here)

Oh! Happy Day

A modern story of girl chasing boy (perigi mencari timba??). Have a few un-typical scene and I had fun with it even from the very start. The casts were great (loved them all). The ending was very surprising to me and yet very funny one. I thought the ending was going to be sad (prepared to cry…) hehehe. Suitable for all ages.
(watch here)

April Snow

What will you do if you rush to the hospital when they told your spouse was in a car accident only to find that she/ he was with someone else during that accident? Thinking to run away with other man/woman? Not something to watch if you want to have a fun-fun time in watching movie since this drama quite sad (for me lah) and the story might make you angry though touching at the same time but still worth to watch. (watch here)

The Art of SeductionThis was a story of what will happen if two big-player met. Yes peeps, it’s about a playboy and a playgirl (do we have such word?). But this two big-player doesn’t goes around dumping people. They are more likely trying to find a challenge in love and don’t like easy love. Both of them were eager to find someone who is hard to pleased and at the end, they were more likely to be pleased with each other stubbornness and each other games. A romantic comedy that’s fun to watch. I never bored even a single minute.
(watch here)
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
what can I say.. ? If I said this movie was great, you might be thinking that I am biased since I love Jang Geun Suk. But I really think this movie was GREAT!! should I say it again?? It’s GREAT! JGS was so good looking even though he was brain-damaged. A love triangle between the three cast. However, in this story.. the three of them should learned to draw a clearer line on how much effort should a friend put in and how much self-centered a person can be. A must WATCH!!