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On The Way To The Airport


We had been warned ahead that this drama might be one of the most melo drama of the year (It was their tagline. I kid you not). I cringed at the warning, but it got me hooked. Maybe it was Kim Haneul’s aura. Yup, I am a fan. Plus, Lee Sang Yoon had won my heart being melo since Angel Eyes. It’s ironic though, when a story that started with leads that are already married to others is usually not my cup of tea. But as story unfold, and plots built up, I some how starting to like it. Maybe writer-nim did wrote from unusual different perspective. I cheered for the lovely friendship between Soo Ah (Kim Haneul) and her bff, Mijin.

Plus, Kim Haneul’s chemistry with Lee Sang Yoon is no joke.


Personally, this is one of my favourite “Drama Title”. You know…when title name, story and plot really make sense *smirk*.

A big round of applause for a beautiful ending…



July rambling

July and August are awesome months this year. I have been addicted to these three ongoing dramas all in one go. It’s an almost neck to neck challenge for me on which i favour more.

It started with Doctor where we have the usually lovely romantic Park Shin Hye become all tough and the usually manly tough Kim Rae Won become all cheesy. However we don’t find any fault being at that.

Then came Uncontrolably Fond with one of my favourite kdrama writer, along with WooBin who we hope will get the girl this time.

When I thought it all goes well, W hit all the right note and alas…i lost the battle of “no more adding ongoing drama”.

Peace to you both dear July and August *wink*.

The Musical ~First Impression

I started watching The Musical purely because of Choi Daniel. He was so adorable in Babyfaced Beauty that I fell under his spell and made me anticipated in his future projects. Choi played the role of songwriter Hong Jae Yi, who helps medical student Go Eun Bi (played by Gu Hye Sun) in realizing her dream as a musical actress.

Park Ki Woong plays the ambitious investor Yoo Jin but somehow I can’t forget his character in A Man’s Story especially the parts when he called the late Park Yong Ha’s character as “2924” 😀

As the drama already into episode 3, I found it to be pleasing to watch. Gu Hye Sun turned out to be a pretty good singer, but it’s Ock Joo Hyun that blew my mind away with her beautiful voice. No doubt since she’s involved in musical in the real life world and also an established singer.

I can’t wait for the upcoming episodes ~~

So long Heartstrings

I love 2011! So many great dramas were aired, currently showing and many more to come. One of my personal favourites ♥Heartstrings♥ ended last night and I may say that the ending was satisfying for me and I loved the storyline as a whole.

Thank you Heartstrings for giving me such joy on every Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Protect The Boss

Oh, Ji Sung ssi.. you rock! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I felt like this year is the year where macho men turned funny (read: Song Seung Hun in My Princess and Cha Seung Won in Best Love). Of course not being as funny as a gagman and so forth, but enough to make a Kdrama fan like me to notice that they’re not acting the same tough roles all over again. And Ji Sung (whom I adored since Save The Last Dance For Me) also turned comical for his new drama, which is also my current crack – Protect The Boss.

Plays as an immature son of a company’s president, Cha Ji Heon becomes panicky when it comes to presentation.  (Shall not elaborate as it might lead to spoilers 🙂 )

Choi Kang Hee as Noh Eun Seol is delightfully entertaining. Frankly, I have never seen her projects before. Just for a short while when she was in cameo appearance in Thank You alongside Jang Hyuk and Gong Hyo Jin.

Former delinquent in high school and unemployed, Eun Seol finally got a job as Cha Ji Heon’s secretary.

Jaejoong of trio group JYJ plays Cha Moo Won, Ji Heon’s smart cousin and favourite candidate to succeed as the company’s president.  This is also my first time watching Jaejoong in any dramas, and as far as episode 4 goes, everything’s good 🙂

As Heartstrings is going to end this week, I’m glad that I have PTB to rely on (aside from those dramas airing on KBS) ^^

City Hunter : All through to ep 4

Dear drama, you had me at hello ♥xoxo♥

This drama is so good and I hope it wont disappoint me later. I admit that all the fuss about LMH being in this drama made me anticipating it although I was not as close as devoted like Rinkyu unni to keep up with the latest show streaming. Rae had been a good girl lately, waiting patiently for the show to air on OneHD. Nae Nampyeon like it too and keep asking me when is the re-air of the drama on weekend.

What made Rae fell in love with CH?

Not LMH *surprised?*. The opening story that gave a base for this drama was a daebak. Rae fell in love with CH through the scene where the special army forces at the sea, hunted down one by one by the people they trusted. I hardly remember a drama that made my tears to dwell at EPISODE 1! Gahh!!! That was one emotional moment and it still hurt everytime they had that scene as a flash back. Dang!

LMH (as Yoon Sung) and PMY (as Nana) was a special bonus and must I say that I so love them on the screen together! *love love LOVE* By the way Rinkyu unni, I know at episode 4 there are hardly any romance sparks between the two yet. However, just because they look so dang pretty on the screen together.. me want to add them to my favourite couple list! ngehehhehe

Dae Mul : First Impression

When it aired on SBS at the end quarter of last year, I thought, “Lady President? Hmmm….” while busy handling numbers of other dramas+baby-in-tummy aka moody drama mode. I was only into cute-cute-CUTE dramas at that moment *sigh*. So was kinda glad that this drama airs on OneHD channel on the weekend starting from last Sunday night (can’t really say it re-aired since it airing on different channel eh?).

I was surprised since I was hooked on at the first episode. Yeah.. lucky I didn’t say bad thing about the drama before owh. ngehehhee…. IF this drama going on with the current mood and pace of episode 1, me think me will like this better than Bogo’s President. *lols* (Can’t go away with the Bogo thing).

What Rae like

HA DO YA!!! It had been such a long time since Stairway to Heaven.  I think I just missed you Kwon Sang Woo :-).The pace of this drama is quite quick. I mean in episode 1 alone,  we knew why Seo Hye Rim (Go Hyun Jung) became President. Plus although political drama usually have more weight in their story, Ha Do Ya’s existence will me think lighten things up with his character (although.. yeah, we knew that there’ll be entanglement in love bla bla bla…). HOWEVER, I am a little bit worry with what KBS have in store to replace the current ended weekend dramas because that will make me in which-shud-i-watch-dilemma… aishh. For the time being… HA DO YA it is! Ermm.. I mean Dae Mul *grin*

30 Days KDrama Challenge # Day 17

Day 17: A Kdrama you’ve watched more than once

Do the ones that re-aired on tv counts (where we dont really have choice but to re-watch them as well)? Okay, I’ll skip those then. I remember I watched Goong at least two or three times :-P, Boys Before Flowers (crazy time where we watched them atleast two times without sub and watch it with sub on kbs world..and again watch it for few several times streaming online), and You’re Beautiful (another crazy moment like BBF).

Wish Upon A Star ~ Short Review

One of my recently watched Kdrama(s) was this delightful family drama titled Wish Upon A Star, or also known as Pick The Stars.  Starring Kim Ji Hoon as the no-nonsense lawyer Won Kang Ha and Choi Jung Won as Jin Pal Gang.  The drama is about an insurance company lawyer Won Kang Ha who has a stone cold heart but at the same time is very close with his half brother Won Joon Ha (Shin Dong Wook) and nephew Woo Tae Gyu (Lee Kyun).  Circumstances brought Jin Pal Gang into their home working as their house maid.  Pal Gang who is also an employee at the same insurance company used to have a crush on Kang Ha for 5 years but that was soon gone when she has to take care of her 5 siblings when their parents died in a car accident.

What I liked about this drama – (1) Pal Gang’s siblings.  They’re so cute and their names are all the meaning of colours – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Indigo. (2) Kim Ji Hoon’s acting as Won Kang Ha was a first time for me to see him in this type of character. Aloof, yet hot at the same time 😀  (3) The storyline.  It’s a 20-episode long drama but the pace seems fine with me. (4) Super cute Joon Ha, er.. I mean Shin Dong Wook.

Kim Ji Hoon, Choi Jung Won, Shin Dong Wook and Lee Kyun

p.s – It’s Rinkyu’s first post here. Thanks to Rae for having me onboard. And a personal thank you to my friend W for recommending me the above drama 😀

Best Love

Review @ Ep 08

For the first time,  I am totally on the second lead line. Yup… Pil-line it is and I think it’s very VERY unlikely for me to change boat later. Totally swooned by that ramen-rebelling-boy (Yoon Pil Joo by Yoon Kye Sang). I however agreed that Cha Seung Won’s DokGo Jin is an entertaining personality. Who knows this gangsta-paradise-looked fella can be funny eh. But as funny as he was, I just never get the chemistry worked between him and AeJung (Gong Hyo Jin). And while we are at that, as much love I have for all the colours.. I’ll skipped off on those camelias, cherry blossoms and azaleas just to dwell in the clover forest. Am I allowed?