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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time; the anime, the movie and the drama.

I came across the latest remake of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (drama), I ended up finishing this in one go (5 episodes)…marathon style (thanks to Olympic *smirk*).

A time travel story with series of adaption. I just get to know that instead of three adaptations, it actually have four (minus the novel). The basic of the story plot was a girl gained the power to time travel. The way she used this supernatural power however differs, from amending the current situation to avoid an awkward situation to find an answer to a current situation.

As for this post topic above, I’m going to sum all three adaptations I had watched just because but without spoiling the fun. Let start the rambling with the latest one.


The drama. There’s Mihane Yoshiyama (Yuina Kuroshima), Shohuei and Goro as the three musketeers.

The love story. The friendship stirred up when one boy tried to confess his love while the other fell in love out of curiosty. Guess who Mihane chose?

The movie. A lovely quirky girl named Akari Yoshiyama (Riisa Naka) on a quest back to the past and met Ryota san.

The love story. Mom wanted to reminisce her first love and daughter decided to find the man only to found another love. Did mom’s first love founded?

The anime (movie). We have Makoto along with her two side kicks, Chiaki and Kousuke.

The love story. I love Chiaki *confessing*. hahahaha

Comparison of all three adaptation. I somehow have a feeling that the slight differences to the plot might influenced by the “WHAT IF” rules, which kind of fun.

I watched the anime (movie) version around 9 years ago and I did have a thought of “WHAT IF”…what if they were separated and try to find each other later? And the movie version almost gave the answer to that. And then, “WHAT IF” both guys actually fell in love with her? “WHAT IF” we want more detailed stories that happened? Hold and below, the drama fairies waved their wand and we have the latest version (the drama).

I still have a sour heart feeling towards the OTP of the latest version. Cheering for the second lead is my kind of thing lately *sigh*.

And if you have to know which version I favour more…


It’s the anime version. The journey to pursue happiness was more laid back and delivered in simplicity, which I adore.

And….Rae shouldn’t get entangled with a red haired-Chiaki *smirk*.

Warning: Not for those who wanted a “and they live happily ever after” ending.


Beck : An Afterthought

I wish everyday was like yesterday and the day before, spending the best time I could possibly can watching two movies. My baby was behaving very well thus this mama can devoured on those things she called love.

This time, it’s BECK! Another movie based on a manga but a total different genre from what I watched the day before (Gantz).

Lucile the guitar

Story was About…

A high school boy, Koyuki(by Takeru Sato) was bored by his life, getting bullied at school until he met a talented guitarist Ryusuke (by Hiro Mizushima). Inspired, Koyuki learned how to play the guitar after received a guitar of his own from Ryusuke.

Later, they formed a band along with three other members; Chiba the rapper (by Kenta), Taira the bassist (by Osamu) and Koyuki’s school friend, Saku the drummer (by Aoi). They named their band Beck, a name after Ryusuke’s dog since they can’t agree to any name.

Beck the dog

The band starts playing on live performances and started to realize that one of them, Koyuki had a supposedly amazing voice (which we will never hear to all through out the movie) that can even “move mother earth” i.e. the sky, the wind, the sun etc *giggle*. The peak of the story was when they receive an  invitation to play at a well-known music festival only to find that some came with conspiracy to make everything impossible for them and they may even have to disband the group.

I like…

The storyline was nicely told. I tried not to make comparison especially with different genre of story but I can’t help it not to compare Beck with Gantz, since I watch them only one day apart. While Gantz had so much mysteries to be told, Beck unveiled everything layer by layer and I had no single literally yawn-moment. I could watch this movie all over again! Perhaps I should even confess that I don’t even think I had a fangirling moment with Beck. It’s all about the story.

I also love all the tracks in the  movie. It’s kinda remind me to the music I used to listen to (and still love mind you) years back. Oh, I feel old! But it sure bring me back down to memory lane 🙂

The mystery…

It had to be Koyuki’s supposedly awesome voice.

I know I know! I used “supposedly” purposely! 🙂 But you know, perhaps the producer just did not want to disappoint us in a way (in case it’s not up to our expectation). So in a way, I kinda like the way the production team took that path on making the mystery of Koyuki’s mind blowing voice. Hmmm… or maybe we were blown away that we can’t hearhis voice ne? hehehe…. Ah, you know what? Since Beck was also in anime, why don’t we check them out? Maybe we can listen to the world-moving’s voice!

Gantz the movie : An afterthought

By the way, before I proceed… my “creativity side” to sum something into one word just came to me so here goes.

Fighting aliens from staying on earth as in Men in Black minus the comedy + which is the real world as in Matrix = Gantz

If you think that this movie will make any sense, IT WON’T! No sci-fi based story will ever be. However, that’s why I like it. I read some few… very few part of the manga so I kinda know what’s going on and perhaps what to expect. Ehem… (why did I felt like some one will scoff over the mentioned statement??) oho!!! You caught me there! Rae had to confess that its Kenichi … erm or perhaps it was Nino who made me waited faithfully for two years. Well, almost. It’s all started somewhere in late year 2009 and really glad the waiting is over.

Well now, where should I start?

First Impression

The movie turned out to be more decent than it should (less violence and nudity) . The scenes where bodies exploded and such were “taken care off” in a way so I did not have to take my eyes off  the screen. I think the casts were perfectly casted but again… perhaps I am biased on anything to do with Nino and Kenichi :-P.


Story was about…

Kei Kurono (by Nino) and his old high school friend Masaru Kato (by Kenichi) was ran over by a train after helping a man out off the train track.


Only to find themselves in a room along with a few numbers of others and a BIG BLACK BALL.They then were forced to play a deadly hunting game ala futuristic style; killing aliens (one at a time) instead of deers nor humans, within given time limits (I think it’s usually 20 mins), and wearing a black leathered suit :).

When the Big Ball calls…

The oohh and the aahh…

Rae super love Nino! *cough* Yes, that and the effect of this movie was awesome; the movements, the supposed aliens etc. All the big budget for the movie had been in good use, I have no complain.

though not forgetting the “ah?”

One thing that made it hard for a hit manga turn a hit movie is always the ability to grab and compress the whole story line into one or two hours story telling onscreen. Do not ask me more about this or I will start mourning like I did with DragonBall Evolution. I was not sure was it because the blurry dubbed voice which made me missed a few facts or not but, some matters were unclear. But then again, maybe that is why they are making a sequel. And judging by the trailer of Gantz 2 at the end of Gantz, supposedly will reveal viewers to more things.

Oh, and before I pen off, should I kill the fun? It was dubbed. I don’t even know why they dubbed it but it such a joy killer! Never mind that, just like Tae Kojima (by Yuriko Yoshitaka) did, I’ll feast my eyes on Nino.

Shinobi: Heart Under Blade

Released in year 2005.

The ninja based story enough made me watching this movie with hubby *argghhhh! ninja suckers!*. In one sentence, I would define the story as “Romeo & Juliet met Naruto.”

**Introducing the Romeo and Juliet:

Joe Odagiri as Kouga Gennosuke (leader of the Kouga clan)

Yukie Nakama as Oboro (leader of the Iga clan)

The story set in the period of after the Japanese Sengoku period, and where ninja clans still produce powerful ninja for the warlords. The Kouga clan and the Iga clan were two of the strongest clan there were but also widely known as being sworn enemies for over hundreds of years but managed to lively as quite as possible. Due to political intention from the king’s men however, the two clans were forced to show their strength and fight for their place in the country formally (or that’s what the side intention was). No surprise on how and what will become to the love pair above *sigh*.

The simple drama story being told by story made me really love this and you can bet to be mesmerized by the cinematography and the lovely theme song (Heaven by Ayumi Hamasaki). The clan-bonding, the love story made me want more actually. Rae’s heart was captured by the ninja’s fight showing their skill especially with their own specialised skills and style; be it fighting-style, fashion-style or even hair-style (that what made ninja ROCK!!!).

One thing cross my mind while watching this, “This is what and how they should do with Dragon Ball!”. Instead of handing it down to some Hollywood’s  producer or production house… Asian story should be told/ produce by Asian itself (either entirely or most of it) or it will just lost its umph! *lost for word*.

Before I go to my own la-la world, I hope you’ll enjoy the lovely theme song: Heaven by Ayumi Hamasaki. **Warning: Do prepare boxes of tissue. Gahh!! I still have tears in my eyes just by watching the MV 😥

Song lyric in romaji

Saigo ni kimi ga hohoende
Massugu ni sashidashita mono wa
Tada amarini kirei sugite
Koraekirezu namida afureta

Ano hi kitto futari wa
Ai ni fureta

Watashitachi wa sagashiatte
Tokini jibun o miushinatte
Yagate mitsukeatta no nara
Donna ketsumatsu ga matte ite mo

Unmei to iu igai
Hoka ni wa nai

la la la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la la la

Kimi ga tabidatta ano sora ni
Yasashiku watashi o terasu hoshi ga hikatte

Soba ni ite aisuru hito
Toki o koete katachi o kaete
Futari mada minu mirai ga koko ni
Nee konnanimo nokotteru kara

Soba ni ite aisuru hito
Toki o koete katachi o kaete
Futari mada minu mirai ga koko ni
Nokotteru kara

Shinjite aisuru hito
Watashi no naka de kimi wa ikiru
Dakara kore kara saki mo zutto
Sayonara nante iwanai

Ano hi kitto futari wa
Ai ni fureta

Song lyric in English

What you offered straight to me
With a smile for the last time
Was just so beautiful
That I gave way to tears

Surely, that day
The two of us touched love

We sought for each other
Lost ourselves at times
And found each other at last
So whatever result may be waiting for us

It’s nothing but

la la la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la la la

In the sky you set out for
Stars are shining tenderly upon me

Stay by my side, my love
Crossing over time and changing your shape
You see? The future we haven’t yet seen
Remains here like this

Stay by my side, my love
Crossing over time and changing your shape
The future we haven’t yet seen
Remains here

Trust me, my love
You live within me
So I’ll never
Say good-bye to you

Surely, that day
The two of us touched love

Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru (2006)

Perhaps it was because I am still head over heels on Hiroshi Tamaki. I decided to check his previous works and ended firstly on Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru (ただ、君を愛してる) – Just, Loving You [click here for info from Wiki].

Also known as Heavenly Forrest, its a romantic movie adapted from a novel; a genre I had abandoned for some time (just because :P).

I guess I rarely watched/ read story where both hero and heroin were being loser (so to speak) met and fell in love but that what TKWA started with. Again, I love every part of Hiroshi Tamaki as Makoto Segawa. Aoi Miyazaki as Shizuru was a weirdo turned friend in Segawa’s world and just so that you know, I do not have any problem with her :). The story was sweet and light and made me smile all through, although I know some might be rolling their eyes and said, “yeah right, it’s Rae’s Tamaki-kun” *giggle*.

But had I forget how Japanese like to end their romance in a harsh way? I think I did because I was expecting a light and sweet ending. It was even harsher when I felt like being comforted by the “it’s still going to be okay” closing. To be exact, it’s like was given a BIG candy to consume while you were spanked and you can taste the sweet sugary bribe along with the pain. The disease that Shizuru inherited from her mother’s genes was ridiculous and to see how Segawa learned about everything from Miyuki was painful. If that still had not made your eyes dwell with tears, just wait untill Segawa went to watch Shizuru’s photo exhibition *tears*.

The theme song, Ren’ai Shashin was really lovely. I cried along again at end and I swore thereafter never going to watch a romantic movie for some time! LOL~~ Enjoy!! Yosh! xoxo
Renai Shashin (Romance Picture)
Aoao to shita yozora no shita de
Anata ga miteta ushiro koi sugata

tokiori miseru mujakina negao
atashi ga miteta koshii sugata
donna hitotoki mo subete
wasurenai youni muchuu de shattaa kiru
atashi no kokoro wa setsunai shiawase datta

tada kimi wo aishiteru (3x)
tada soredakede yokattanoni

ame furu toki no kawashita kisu wa
tsunagarete yuku futari no sugata
isshouni mou nai kono kimochi, umaku ie naikedo
Anata ni deatte atashi no mainichi wa kirakira to kagayaitayo

tada kimi wo aishiteru (3x)
anata ga kureta shiwaseyo
tada kimi wo aishiteru (3x)
tada soredakede yokattanoni

chiisana heya ni kazarareteiru
futari no egao, renai shashin
Under the blue night sky
You saw the sight of a lover’s back
That innocent look you put up on your face sometimes when you are asleep
Was the sight of love I have seen
Every single moment in my life
I kept pressing the shutter so that I won’t forget
My heart was filled with bittersweet happiness
Just, loving you (3x)
I wish that was all it was
That kiss we exchanged the rain was
the sight of two of us linking together
This feeling that we will never feel again
I can’t explain it well but
My days have began to shine ever since I met you
Just, loving you (3x)
It’s the happiness you have given me
Just, loving you (3x)
I wish that was all it was
Displayed in a tiny room
The sight of our smile, Romance Picture

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Nodame Cantabile The Movie 1

It was in September 2009 when I get to know about the upcoming of this movie [read here]. Waited for so long that it felt like I’m waiting for my love one to return home from a VERY long journey far away from home. After my peaceful evening with Chiaki-sempai *heart*, not even the hot weather can spoil my springy feeling. Yes, I was in the pink Mozart moment. English sub however would have turn all the roses blooming. Reading the manga and watching the anime eventually became handy since it connected my way to the Weirdo Forest.

And so.. here I go sharing my beloved Chiaki’s story with spoilers. By the way, just so you know… this is not a full recap (I watched it RAW). I will be explaining things based on the manga and the anime. Plus… a loving note to Redge, my brain worked in the most “weirdest way” especially when it involved Shinichi Chiaki so just laugh off and forget about my “own lines” that I made throughout this review when/if you’re watching this with subs ya! *hugs* to Rin-chan, do you want to join me in the Weirdo Forest? huhuhu~~~

Anyway, previously from Nodame Cantabile SP (Europe Chapter), Chiaki and Nodame weird relationship had grown deeper. The movie started with Stresseman scene, riding on a horse somewhere in Germany. Suddenly I can’t help but wonder if they already spilled the bean here regarding Streseman‘s condition so I will keep this to myself for a while just so that it will not spoil your mood. An owl that looked like it just came out from Harry Potter’s world dropped a newspaper for Streseman, with Chiaki’s news at the front page.

Meanwhile back in Paris, Nodame kept admiring the gift that Chiaki bought for her while she was on the bus with Tanya and Frank (friends from the conservatoire). While they were having their conversation, Frank spotted the advertisement for Deschamps Orchestra with Jean Donnadieu’s face on it (Chiaki’s strongest opponent in the Platini Concour – a Conductor Competition). The advertisements were everywhere including on the flying blimp on the air :). While Frank and Tanya arguing each other on the possibility why Chiaki was not the one hired by Deschamps Orchestra (since he was the one who won 1st place in the Concour and previously was the guest conductor of Deschamps Orchestra (in Nodame Cantabile SP), Nodame sat there in silence (**probably thinking is Chiaki will be okay?).

Then there was Elise’s laughing… laughing happily because Jean (she’s a BIG fan) secured his place at Deschamps Orchestra instead of Chiaki. She however got Chiaki another deal… as the resident conductor with Roux Marlet Orchestra. Least to Chiaki’s known that Roux Marlet is a once-so-famous-but-falling-lately orchestra house. But knowing that it was where Stressman first began his music career with sparked him with interest.

Elise with her outrageous way of work as so-called-Chiaki’s manager but teasing him for losing his Deschamps Orchestra to Jean Donnadieu. (Note: Notice Jean’s face on the blimp way behind at the background?)

Later in the day, Chiaki and Nodame had a simple meal (as Chiaki called it). After dinner, just when Chiaki was about to ask Nodame to come with him to watch Roux Marlet Orchestra performance the next day, Chiaki found Nodame was already asleep. Chiaki looked at the sleeping Nodame and said, “Lately it’s always been like this, even though she said nothing. More so, she must be tired with all the things that she studied in the conservatoire. Me too… there’s still much for me to learn “

A dinner of celebration? How long had we missed these two? xoxo

The next day, while Nodame at the conservatoire and was talking with Kuroki, there was a sudden commotion. As Nodame ran to see what was it all about, Tanya told Nodame that everyone was excited because the number one pianist, Son Rui had come to the conservatoire. Just to refresh you memory on who Son Rui was, she did a concerto with Chiaki before while Chiaki was still training under Streseman and the concerto actually once broke Nodame heart and spirit.

Meanwhile, Chiaki was dragged by Frank to play as an extra in Roux Marlet Orchestra (Chiaki was also good playing violin). Chiaki tried to resist and told Frank that since he was going to be the orchestra permanent conductor, they will surely recognise him. But Frank had back-up plan for that. He made a disguise for Chiaki and man was Chiaki looked weirder (but Rae loves him anyway :P). Chiaki ended up following Frank’s suggestion thinking this might be a good opportunity for him to actually have a sneak peek on the orchestra after all. Inside the hall, Chiaki looked at the pieces that they’re going to rehearse for the day and thought, “It had been a long time since high school. I might enjoy myself,” and started to play (or something like that 😛 *giggle*. oh my super confident Chiaki!!!). As he played tremendously well (since the other members stopped doing what they’re doing), the concert master came in and told him not to expect to much. Of course Chiaki recognised him from before. Before Chiaki could actually listened (and rehearse) with the group, the orchestra manager rushed in and told them a bad news – The recent conductor who were supposed to conduct them in the next concert had canceled his participation and returned home.. and practise for the day was canceled. Chiaki later overheard the conversation between the oke’s manager(oke = short form for orchestra) and the concert master regarding the conductor issue. But from what he heard, it did not sound like the oke was feeling so happy to have him as their new conductor. Worst of all, the oke manager said they decided on Chiaki because he’s young and CHEAP!! LOL~~~

After hearing what the concert master commented on him, Chiaki decided to do a well preparation for the next practise. But in the midst of this, he was disrupted by a phone call. It was Son Rui.

Chiaki went out to meet Son Rui not knowing that Nodame had been following (stalking) Rui from the conservatoire.

After the “love attack” by Nodame (they tried very hard to make it look like from the manga *me love*), the three of them went to Chiaki’s house. While Son Rui told Chiaki that she’s going to stay/ study in Paris and all, Nodame left them after introduced herself as Chiaki’s wife. As Rui was about to leave, she give a quick kiss on Chiaki’s cheek (of course a gesture the European normally do). Nodame, shocked by Chiaki’s “normal”acceptance argue about it and she was then “thrown out” from the Chiaki’s apartment. (** Rae knew that Chiaki however felt bad about it.. sigh)

Son Rui, Nodame and Chiaki at Chiaki’s house while Nodame was all-up-acting as Chiaki’s wife.

Now, having seeing this scene (not included in the trailer from youtube), I was slightly disappointed just like when I watched the anime. This scene could have been funnier if it was presented like in the manga (where Son Rui and Chiaki had conversation in English and talking bad about Nodame – Nodame speaks French and know very little English while Son Rui was not supposed to be good in her French*sigh*).

The two of them eventually went out shopping together the next day while Chiaki had his first rehearsal with Roux Marlet Oke

Well okay, so I had not introduce this person well enough. Let’s meet the person who was going to make Chiaki’s life even more miserable; the Roux Marlet’s manager. Personally, I think the live-action manager looked more comical than the manga’s version. In the manga, his name was Theo.
By the way, did I already mentioned Son Rui was like getting in between Chiaki and Nodame? Owh… I did 😛 but nothing could be morenan desu ka!” moment from me when Son Rui played the celesta instead of Nodame (yeah!! thanks to you Mr. Roux Marlet Manager!!- sarcastic mode). It broke my heart more when Nodame insisted Chiaki to let Son Rui played instead of her after seeing the change of the orchestra’s atmosphere to more positively after they met the world-well-known Son Rui (and thought that she was the one Chiaki‘s suggested to play the celesta to replace the missing person).

Nodame was so happy when Chiaki called and asked her to fill in the celesta seat that she even had a celebration @ Weirdo Forest.

Only to …

Chiaki: Don’t hide! Come out!
Nodame: It’s okay sempai
Chiaki: But you’re the one I asked
Nodame: It’s okay. I’m not going to play! It’s fine if Rui does it. (Nodame changed her tune–>) You have to observe the mood here. This is what I’m good for… (Nodame’s hand movement..)
Chiaki: I’m sorry
Okay, I had been through this scene numerous time through the anime and the manga but it still breaks my heart!

At the end, the performance *with Rui on stage* ended with a BIG wohoo!!! (another sarcastic comment).
Matsuda-sama making faces while listening to the orchestra.
I think I missed Matsuda (the R*Star*oke conductor) from the previous season.

For those who have not yet watched the first season and SP, there was a flashback on what happened before (and how I missed those old days of Chiaki and Nodame) and it sure brought lots of memories *heart*.

Kuroki then made another appearance when he was practising with Tanya in order to join Chiaki’s oke at Roux Marlet.

And while we’re at it, you should not miss Nodame’s killer stew that almost killed (literally speaking) Kuroki-kun earlier. Yes, that’s why he excused himself from having dinner at Nodame’s house leaving poor Frank and Tanya which, both of them later suffered from stomachache (and Tanya fainted at the end of Kuroki’s audition to enter Chiaki’s oke).

In the almost 3rd quarter of the movie, there’s a short appearance of Jean and his Japanese girlfriend (forgot her name *sigh*) doing some advertisement activity (shouldn’t this done by other people??) and met with a Nippon style of advertisement thanks to Nodame. I actually missed this another-weird-couple very much.

As the story went on, Chiaki finally improved his PR skill, getting along with the concert master and the rest of the orchestra, along with some more new additional team members (and Kuroki-kun of course since he made it into the oke). But while the movie closed with Chiaki’s excellent performance (it really was!!) and managed to stand proud… Nodame sat there with her eyes staring on the floor.

and with that… the movie 1

I knew what will be coming in the second movement, “thanks” to the spoiler at the end of the first part. Therefore it made my heart cried out for more. While I find Kuroki to appear more manlier, Chiaki had grown much older (comparing to the very first season of NC) but man he glow. Well okay, I could have biased here 😛 but Chiaki was like my ultimate sempai okay… so hush!!! Even though that this series were by far the best adaptation from manga to live screen yet (in Rae’s opinion), there’s of course flaws (which I think were hard to resist) in attempting to get the comical manga feeling. Yup, in case you have not notice… the double-body of Nodame by using a plush toy (it looked plushy to me) was epic <– sarcastic comment.
After MONTHS of waiting for the first part of the movie… I can’t help but wonder, “Can I wait until the end of the year for the second part?”. Worst yet… I might had to wait for NEXT YEAR! *faint*.

Gigolo Wannabe

Released in 2006, this comedy genre movie is about a group of non-related men trying their luck to be the next host at a host club called the Dog Days. The future hosts were all in the photo above ^^.
The story begins with all seven men deceived by a much older man who called himself the manager of the club where they paid him deposit in order to be hired as a host. Upon arriving at the club on their so called “first day at work”, they realised they were all conned when they met with the real owner, Mr. Katagiri accompanied by his adorable and sick grand-daughter, Chika.
Later, both parties (the group of the deceived men and Mr. Katagiri) agreed to let the men run the club which later end up in a disaster. Then another wake up call for the men to do it right for the sake of getting money in order to save Chika who needed a heart transplant. Shun as Ryohei was their only hope to bring in a group of rich business women. Their one shot plan was a gamble to see if this group of non-experience hosts could attract and deliver their job well to get 10 millions yen.
At the end, [highlight to read] they managed to get all the money they needed for Chika. Mr. Katagiri and Chika later left for America to get the transplant done after handling them the club as an exchange for their help. But the worst for the fresh hosts are yet to come. While cleaning their so called newly owned club, another Mr. Katagiri came up, claimed that the club was really his and he was just coming back from his vacation. Apparently the first man who claimed he was the manager, the grandfather who called himself Mr. Katagiri and Chika was a group of con artist. They boys managed to prove his statement and realised then… that they were actually conned TWICE!
It’s a good story about how to overcome your current difficulties by keep moving forward every time you fall. But it also reminds us to be alert of the real world and the cute snow white may had her own agenda after all. Yes, I as well wished that the Snow White ate the poison apple and got choked for this matter. *teheee~~~*

Crows Zero

After “gracefully”persuaded by my sunbae, Rin-chan and her Arashi’s gang-mate, Redge.. I finally attempted watching Crows Zero *wink*.

I know that they’re trying to spread Oguri Shun‘s lurve.
However, instead of falling for Oguri,

I fell for Takayuki Yamada instead… *giggle*~~

Now-now Oguri’s fan…. Oguri is kawaii as usual alright ><. No doubt about that, but I love the character Yamada was acting as (Serizawa). *sigh*

I somehow found this movie funny. While I am still reading Gokusen-manga-, I did get the feeling of the gangsterism amongst the high-schoolers (and imagining how Sawada Shin-manga version would be…*coolll*). But the sound & effects (while punching and everything) reminded me of… KungFu Hustle!! LOL~~~wacha!!!

my oh my… and talk about that school, Suzuran High School. Somehow I wonder if there were/was really a school like that. The atmosphere and surrounding… it’s more like a dumping site. Of course it really suit for a place where boys get trained to be a yakuza (since the vandalism due to fighting among the student doesn’t hurt so much when the school’s properties are already not in one piece) … meow~

Now… come to think about it, don’t some of the boys’ ways of walking look like Lee Min Ho?? Imagine LMH walks a little bit faster and angrier *giggle*… now, copy & paste LMH to a few numbers and tada~~ we have LMH gangsterism!!! (or should I just imagining LMH using Naruto‘s Shadow Clone Technique to transform him to create numbers of physical copies??) ~I should stop my imagination at this point!~

Well, I enjoyed watching the movie. Among the Japanese movies INTRODUCED to me, CZ was not that bad (compare to Koizora and others *wink*). Please don’t misunderstood the statement since I still love the Death Note trilogies… ~hehehe…. (^^!)

The end^^

L for Love, L for Life ^^ : Death Note

My heart eyes and brain currently stroke by

ermm… I mean Kenichi Matsuyama as L

or should I post this one instead?

or perhaps these are much nicer… arghh!! I can’t choose!
aigoo…. so kawaii!!

Death Note Movie:

My comments will not include spoilers so no worries. I had always wanted to watched these but little bro told me that it’s not as good as the manga itself. Although I have this bad habit of tendency to compare things, I can’t help it but read the manga itself first before turning to the Movie. I haven’t watch the anime though. I guess, the manga have it strong points of elaborating the introduction a little bit nicer and logical compare to the movie but then again, a movie need to cover the story in a limit of time so I pass on that.

The only face that really made me stuck to my seat watching it uninteruptly is L… ermm I mean Kenichi Matsuyama. That L seriously so … cool! Light Yagami was on the other hand not as kawaii as Light from the manga. I couldn’t take his face seriously since his baby-face look was a turn-off for me \(>.<)/. But the actresses are utsukushii as well.

All and all, it’s a superb movie. . I am thinking (and calculating) to look for the DVD of the sequel. Yeah… and a statement for Nippon supporter, for me this kind of movie/ production that made Nippon’s film rock! Ganbate!!!

Read the manga at onemanga[dot]com
Buy the comic books/ manga. It’s available in Malaysia

Love Sky -Koizora-

Throw Computer
You’ve been warned so read at your own risk!

Now, who’s a fan for this movie please say “HAiT!!!”.
Heard people were talking about this movie (even my cousin) so I decided to (again…) watch it on MySpace today. The verdict … ‘half-duh’. Got that? Well, I knew that this was one of the hottest movie around but I just don’t get the feeling. I checked others review AFTER I watched it to see if I’m the only one who have problem with my ‘sensitve and lovey-dovey’s’ nerves here and found some who have the same point of view.
For me, the storyline was just too much. It was said that this was based on a true story. If that’s true, again… it’s just too much. The ‘person’ really have a really… seriously dramatic life; under-age-sex-life, gang-raped, pregnancy, miscarriage, broken heart, family problem, boyfriend’s dead because of cancer (oopss.. suppose to be her x-husband kan) and she’s only 15-16????… The ending of the story was very well-predicted.
Don’t get me started on the main actor ‘Hiro’! Ok, he’s good looking…but what with the hair from white.. then dyed black (just to meet the girl’s parents) and then after a few days, dyed white again… so funny. I guess the writer, Mika (not the screenplay writer) had a crush on Sakuragi Hanamichi (character from Slamdunk) bah and so she have her fantasy about her love life.
BUT, other than the story-line itself… I must say that the casts’ acts were good (Japanese standard). What I love about this movie would be the breath-taking scenery in the movies, ah… and don’t forget the lovely pictures of the skyies. Kudos to cinematographer, Yamamoto Hideo. Kyushu does look really nice in this movie. Makes you want to go there.
So… C+ for Koizora…

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