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Pretty Proofreader: midway review


Let just say I started to watch this because I miss that “overly dramatic drama act” by Satomi Ishihara. Ha!

Drama was about Etsuko (Ishihara) dreamt about working as an editor in a famous fashion house (Lassy) but ended as a proofreader at the same publishing company, fell in love at first sight with Yukito (Masaki Suda), while always bickering with one of the company book editor, Kaizuka (Munetaka Aoki) aka “octopus”.

Sure….Yukito is cute! But I ship octopus xoxoxo



The Girl Who Leapt Through Time; the anime, the movie and the drama.

I came across the latest remake of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (drama), I ended up finishing this in one go (5 episodes)…marathon style (thanks to Olympic *smirk*).

A time travel story with series of adaption. I just get to know that instead of three adaptations, it actually have four (minus the novel). The basic of the story plot was a girl gained the power to time travel. The way she used this supernatural power however differs, from amending the current situation to avoid an awkward situation to find an answer to a current situation.

As for this post topic above, I’m going to sum all three adaptations I had watched just because but without spoiling the fun. Let start the rambling with the latest one.


The drama. There’s Mihane Yoshiyama (Yuina Kuroshima), Shohuei and Goro as the three musketeers.

The love story. The friendship stirred up when one boy tried to confess his love while the other fell in love out of curiosty. Guess who Mihane chose?

The movie. A lovely quirky girl named Akari Yoshiyama (Riisa Naka) on a quest back to the past and met Ryota san.

The love story. Mom wanted to reminisce her first love and daughter decided to find the man only to found another love. Did mom’s first love founded?

The anime (movie). We have Makoto along with her two side kicks, Chiaki and Kousuke.

The love story. I love Chiaki *confessing*. hahahaha

Comparison of all three adaptation. I somehow have a feeling that the slight differences to the plot might influenced by the “WHAT IF” rules, which kind of fun.

I watched the anime (movie) version around 9 years ago and I did have a thought of “WHAT IF”…what if they were separated and try to find each other later? And the movie version almost gave the answer to that. And then, “WHAT IF” both guys actually fell in love with her? “WHAT IF” we want more detailed stories that happened? Hold and below, the drama fairies waved their wand and we have the latest version (the drama).

I still have a sour heart feeling towards the OTP of the latest version. Cheering for the second lead is my kind of thing lately *sigh*.

And if you have to know which version I favour more…


It’s the anime version. The journey to pursue happiness was more laid back and delivered in simplicity, which I adore.

And….Rae shouldn’t get entangled with a red haired-Chiaki *smirk*.

Warning: Not for those who wanted a “and they live happily ever after” ending.

Ueno Juri to Itsutsu no Kaban

I think that people are similar to bags.
We trust them our important things.
Like somebody’s words, somebody’s smile, somebody’s smell
People are like bags….
… But actually no one can open their bags.
Five beautiful short stories, all starred by Ueno Juri. While the stories are not related to each other, they discussed the same main topic; bags. It’s interesting to see how one topic can be developed into several pieces.
p/s: funny… I had this drafted months ago and did not publish it. Well, I guess it fated to be posted here in my new “nest” *wink wink*

Gokusen (season 2)

Something wrong with the second season. I wondered why. I was entertained but I felt empty occasionally. After episode 6, I figured it out. I missed Sawada Shin’s character. Though I knew that most of the scene from the manga did not portrayed (got such words?? hehehe) in the first season, I admit that the “main thing” that made me fell in love with this series is Sawada Shin. [Gosh… the comic character lagi some more *sigh*] <–broken english.

The 2nd season was repeating the storyline from the first season with a twist here and there. However, I will watch this series till the end and that mean till season 3 (have Haruma Miura oh..]. And if you’re wondering or guessing… yes, the boys looked so damn good and that’s the reason I’m sticking to it.

As for Gokusen the second season, I can’t help but imagining Mokomichi Hayami (role as Tsuchiya in Gokusen 2) would be the perfect Sendoh of Slamdunk *giggle*. Or perhaps as Rokawa Kaede too… *sigh* tough choice people. His face and height fit perfectly in the team. gosh!!! Oh well, Haruma Miura can be Rokawa Kaede *drool*…. ~carried away~ *sigh*

By the way, I can’t find any updates of the Gokusen’s manga anywhere. The latest was from Jun 2009 (volume 14) and I’m getting upset. *sigh*


I read the manga and the movie is already out. I promised some that I should watch the drama version first before I proceed with the movie.

And so I did and.. I had a few thoughts on this dorama but everything mixed up in my mind at the time being. Well, let me start with something that some might wondered:

Has MatsuJun managed to capture my heart as Sawada Shin?

To the first timer with me, you should know how much LOVE I have for the manga-Sawada Shin [read here]. He’s one of the superb male character in manga. Now.. about MatsuJun as Shin, urghh.. how should I put it in word? Let just say that it’s not a love at first sight. I needed more time than I thought to click with this SHin. The “look” was there alright but something about him or was it something that he lacked off which lead to the feeling of distance between my heart and this SHin. Well, that’s how I felt while watching the earlier epi.

HOWEVER, after episode 8, my heart and mind made peace with MatsuJun being Shin (told you I needed more time *hehehe*). If you wondered WHY? It must be the different story plot between the manga and the on-screen series itself. Some basics of the story differs to what I’m used to. The Kuroda family’s lawyer that Yankumi should had crush for ages was not in the dorama (replaced by the police officer-Shinohara)… neither was Shin’s gorgeous older brother (replaced by a younger sister in the dorama). I preffered the manga version of Fujihara sensei as well.

At this rate, I’m enjoying the dorama as it is since the dorama itself was fun and entertaining at no doubt. My brain is ALMOST been RESET and I’m at the stage of “not looking forward upon any memorable scene from the manga” to be in any series of Gokusen drama (including Sawada SHin being called Young Master Red Lion*sigh*). Yukie Nakama as Yankumi was good. She’s hilarious.. much more than the manga version. But the younger Yankumi really reminded me of the younger Yankumi in the manga. Her voice.. her face… her aura.. (aiseh…)

Will I proceed with Gokusen 2 & 3 later? Yes, definetily.

and the Movie? Sure, why not!

I must however RE-ANNOUNCE my view, thoughts and hope since Shin’s characther will not be around till the end of Gokusen’s series. I DID mentioned that Gokusen will not be Gokusen if there’s no Shin. Look like Shin was not in the main picture of Gokusen on-screen like in the manga from the start*double-sigh* (Shin’s did not even scored as an important role in the “sport day” story while in the manga, he’s the one who “brought honour to class 3-D”). However, in a good way.. I felt relief since I still can’t accept of seing Shin ended with Yankumi at the end in the manga. Fated to be from the start??? urggghhhh..


I’ve been meaning to post this earlier. But the fever & flu I had after watching Pride (non-stop) forced me to put it on-hold. Internet connection at home had gone since last Friday which leave me with no choice ..aiseh.. but to watch the piling up list in my must-watch dramas, and I started with Pride.
I actually get to know this drama from Redge. But waiting for it to be fully downloaded online was a torture. Luckily my sister had the drama in HD. xoxox!!!

While watching it, the memory of watching The Mighty Ducks during high school came back to mind. Feeling the tense, the anxiety, the rush of adrenalin.. not forgetting sharing the joy when “they” won. hahaha… I actually clapped my hands in front of the monitor. My sister said that Japanese are best at faking things nicely. They can make you believe that they are really into that thing. (yes.. a good drama is when I’m fooled completely… hahaa!!) Now, can you imagine the members of the Blue Scorpions to be NOT great on ice? Of course NOT. Just look how gracefully they moved on the ice.

Not forgetting Halu.. xoxox!! How can I not love Halu/ KimuTaku? Even his smirk in this drama can melt my heart.. hahaha!!! Like I told Rin-chan, “Kimutaku sangat bergaya“!! And Aki was a great heroin too. I fell for their love chemistry and I’m liking it a lot. Another great thing about the drama was the theme song-I was born to love you by Queen. wahh!!! Love it! Love it! I rarely stick watching the opening song (usually skip the intro and forwarding it) but different case with Pride. The intro was a welcome sight for me. The song along with the clips… never bored with it (yet). It clicked! \(^o^)/

A few scenes were memorable but definetily we love the ending ね?The finale was the greatest.

Well, I know that I’m lagged off about this drama compare to others since its not the latest drama around. But hey! I’m glad I watched it.

***Now, did anyone noticed that a drama about ice hockey also airing at Astro recently? Not sure if its a remake or just taking the same idea. Its either Chinese or Taiwanese.. saw the ad only but it look like.. hmmm.. *smirk*. Let just say I’m not foolled. o my, I am so mean. hehehe… happy days!!

Nodame Cantabile SP

And so I spent almost the entire previously weekend’s night watching Nodame Cantabile SP (NCSP). muahaha…I actually kept re-watching it. aigo… IIf you’re start thinking – “Is it that good?”. oh yes it is. Aside from Boys Before Flowers (korean version), this is another story that I had kept repeatedly watch in days… omo. Three days waiting for it to be fully downloaded from sars-fansub was worth it. Three days?? yup, blame it on the streamyx line. However, as good as the dorama was… still, every time Chiaki’s memory about the emergency landing took place, I couldn’t help to think about Ultraman… They look so damn fake but like I said… just think about Ultraman in a fight scene… You’ll get what I mean. hehhee…. 

The goosebump feeling while watching the dorama- Redge, I do understood that feeling. kyaboo … (quoting Nodame *LOL*).

While most series bored me during the second season, I think differently about NCSP. Of course I was entertained so much by it or I wont be kept re-watching it, ne? aishh… I hope that you manage to understand the mix expression I used (Korean+Japanese). Now-now… I really hope they do come with another great 3rd series (upon rumours read okies…). For the time being, just let me ramble here about the scenes I found my self endeared to, or I might never forget (considering I am a truly forgetful person)…

** while Nodame & Chiaki had their first dine out at a restaurant in Paris and mademoiselle Nodame ordered Escargot aka snails (was it?)… omo! Chiaki was so mean, laughing like that ><.

** The other French Puri Gorota’s Otaku= Franz??… muahaha… so cute, though I prefered him speaks french.

** Nodame tried to cheer Chiaki during the Conducting Competition…. cute. Gosh!! and that “D” cup thingy… I laugh my heart out.

** First class attended by Nodame… “A room filled with Chiaki sempai?!?!?” *LOL* Never fail to make me laugh *giggle*

** Maestro Stresseman (so called ^^) get sick in Japan during their tour and Chiaki’s looking after him.. WT*!! The thing Chiaki used as a fever cooler on Maestro’s head… was that what I think it was?? = C****M?? That’s gross…. eww…

** Chiaki’s jealously… ooooo…. love it. It’s fun to see how he/the writer managed to express his feeling in that weird but fun way. cute^^

** the so-called-fighting-and-making-out scene which Nodame mistakenly thought because of the Christmas tree… muahahah.. romantic in its own way.

** the ending was nicely done too. After Chiaki’s final concert, and Nodame running over to get his autograph and “another” kiss, I said to myself “poke her at her head or something-not a kiss”… and so he actually did drew that circle-thingy on her cheek. seriously, kissing her would destroy the cuteness and weirdness of the story no? huahhaha…. ignore me.. do! hheheh…

*** and of course, the pieces played… so nice that I actually grin from ear to ear *smile*. esp Nodame’s reciting moment.

a yes… you can safely say I am dwelling happily in the weirdo forest, for now… ku-ku-ku-ku…

I really wish I could freeze some panels to share but… hey, they’re locked and I am no IT whiz to overcome that. Till then…. later!!!

p/s: about checking the manga, sadly I can only do it a bit later. “Suppose” to be busy coping with other things. *sigh*…

Nodame Cantabile

Its rarely for my brother suggesting a shojou story. Few days ago, my sister-Joy (4th sibling) told me to watch Nodame Cantabile. Knowing it was suggested by my brother, it must be a good one. Bro never disappointed us yet with suggesting any mangas nor stories alike. My sister mentioned that she can watch the drama several times. Joy is one sister who is super busy and will usually pass on watching drama or anime (she’ll however always make a room for reading mangas). So if she spared time to re-watch this drama, well… I think it should be a good one. And so.. I dedicated (aise…) two days straight watching it, finished the first season (consisting of 11 episodes) and for sure will watch the special season (consist of two episode).

The verdict?? URESHII!!!!!

Oh my, I love it so much that I had a second thought on Beethoven Virus *bad-sigh*. How could BVirus ever going to stand on-par with NCantabile when all the orchestra team were made up of kawaii people *gosh*. I know it’s not the latest drama but I really think it a MUST see for those who love music-based story.

O yes, another story about the love of music… *smile*.

Such a moving performance, I had tears everytime they performed…. (^^!)

IF… I really mean it… IF you really need to have a sneak peek before deciding to watch the drama, how about checking the last performance on the last episode. Make sure you really had your eyes pin on the screen on the last 10-20 second of it. I seriously wondered if there is/was ever a performance such as. Do tell me if you knew any.

*taking breath* The love story between Chiaki (Tamaki Hiroshi) and Nodame (Ueno Juri) sure a moving one as well. sukoi! sukoii!! mind me with my own world *giggle*. This drama sure brings memories on my old days… watching Jdorama. omo…~~ you might find my Jdorama list adding up after this one. kyaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~~

p/s: I know some will be smiling reading “the-wind-of-change” in Love&Fever. muaahahha

enjoy your weekend!

you bet I am going to check the manga soon! yosh!!!

Atashinchi no Danshi

I should have stopped adding more drama in my ongoing drama list but I just can’t help it with this one. After checking the first ep, I started to watch the next one… and the next one.. and the… *sigh*

Which drama? It’s

Atashinchi no Danshi!!

If you want a scoop on the drama plot, [click here].

Meet the Step-Mother
It’s Maki Horikita.
For me, she’s one of the prettiest female Nippon actress.
(though I actually only saw her in Hana Kimi ^^)
Meet the sons…

By the way, started from the 1st ep, I’d predicted the step-mother to have a future entanglement with the 3rd son. ^^

Happy Weekend & Happy Holidays!!!

SMILE for yet another jdorama

While I’m still suppose to juggle between Painter of the Wind and Dragon Zakura, I ended up with another jdorama *sigh*. Why did I even clicked on that button! *stop hand- STOP*.

Anyway, I was going to write a first impression/ review on Dragon Zakura but ended up with SMILE. I am not really that fan of MatsuJun, but I’m interested with the drama knowing the story-plot. Yup! Need to ‘install’ my brain with something to think about and stop thinking about my kkoch namja deul for a moment *kya…* >_< (eventhough that’s mean am going to watch yet another Yakuza-influenced-drama-thingy). Yes, a drama about discrimination in every aspect of life and through every level (even you’re a lawyer) should trigger my thinking cap and making me start to count my blessing. \(^o^)/

So far so good, so I’m sticking with it for the time being (with the hope that I wouldn’t start with yet another drama *gosh*). MatsuJun really did looked like someone with a Filipino root. Could it be the makeup or what.. ? He’s a little chubby in the drama too and somehow I can’t stop keep thinking of the Tsukasa in him.. (^^!). Meanwhile… Aragaki Yui still look as pretty as she can be but I found her wearing the high-school uniform… hmm… gosh… she shouldn’t be wearing it. She looked a little bit grown up to wear the uniform *sigh*.

Anyway, my terrible sense of spotting people (actors/ actresses) luckily did not work well with Yui-chan. Hmm.. applause to myself since she’s one of the actress who I recognise (spot on) in Dragon Zakura and Smile (eventhough I actually forgot her name… LOL). Oww… talking about my terrible sense, I am that bad… seriously bad *wink*.

p/s: btw, should I start focusing on Oguri too? *giggle*