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Jealously Incarnate-Just Because

Yup, I just had to share this moment of the adorable Jo Jung Suk stuck with all six brides *smirk*.jealously-incarnate21



A blogger friend, Redge recommended Pasta some time ago. She’s an almost-all-Jdorama girl turned into the ONE whose suggesting kdrama to watch *atta girl* \(^o^)/
This drama was about a woman who aspired to be a chef. To be precised, she was inspired by her love towards pasta and some loving memories of her late mother. Gong Hyo Jin (as Seo Yoo Kyung) was the chef wannabe also had a hate-and-love relationship with her head chef, Lee Sun Gyun (as Choi Hyun Wook). Later as feeling evolved, coping with work professionally at the kitchen was one of the hurdle that they had to cope.

Personal afterthought:

The first half was very entertaining. VERY. It’s getting slow at the middle but pick up the pace back again. The cold war moment and misunderstanding between the Italian team and the Korean team was quite a draggy but luckily they ended it nicely. The owh-must-have-entanglement between the main lines was nicely, sweetly and lightly sort off without making it such a drama. It’s a perfect drama to enjoy the morning sun (urghhh… what am I saying) and surely made your tummy rumbly just looking at the food(a little bit of Pooh the bear ‘s love ^^).

Although I didn’t fancied Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Sun Gyun was enough to make me hooked to this drama. I love everything about this man; his gesture, his facial expression, his voice… man was he one superb actor. He’s definitely the man of this show.

cold war between
Italian Team (above)
Korean Team (below)

ahh.. I almost forgot to mention about Noh Min Woo as Philip (the Italian team). He is so pretty and even made this ahjumma jealous of him *green eye*. Even my mom said he was too pretty even for a lady when she saw him in The Star Golden Bell Challenge at KBS World recently.

The beautiful Noh Min Woo ^^

As closing, I finally found my connection of the short memory of mine. I am indeed a goldfish… well atleast my memory span is. Lucky though I did not have the memory of the elephant 🙂