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Just Because

Just-Because-Key-Visual-001-20170530I’m in that one phase where I think I have too many dramas and excitements that I need some slow pace old love to keep me grounded. This anime caught my eyes first time for the title alone…. Just Because is a currently airing anime with that “slice of life” genre which I adore very much.

Just Because natsume

My pair in one of my favourite dorky awkward moment.

Just Because


The Girl Who Leapt Through Time; the anime, the movie and the drama.

I came across the latest remake of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (drama), I ended up finishing this in one go (5 episodes)…marathon style (thanks to Olympic *smirk*).

A time travel story with series of adaption. I just get to know that instead of three adaptations, it actually have four (minus the novel). The basic of the story plot was a girl gained the power to time travel. The way she used this supernatural power however differs, from amending the current situation to avoid an awkward situation to find an answer to a current situation.

As for this post topic above, I’m going to sum all three adaptations I had watched just because but without spoiling the fun. Let start the rambling with the latest one.


The drama. There’s Mihane Yoshiyama (Yuina Kuroshima), Shohuei and Goro as the three musketeers.

The love story. The friendship stirred up when one boy tried to confess his love while the other fell in love out of curiosty. Guess who Mihane chose?

The movie. A lovely quirky girl named Akari Yoshiyama (Riisa Naka) on a quest back to the past and met Ryota san.

The love story. Mom wanted to reminisce her first love and daughter decided to find the man only to found another love. Did mom’s first love founded?

The anime (movie). We have Makoto along with her two side kicks, Chiaki and Kousuke.

The love story. I love Chiaki *confessing*. hahahaha

Comparison of all three adaptation. I somehow have a feeling that the slight differences to the plot might influenced by the “WHAT IF” rules, which kind of fun.

I watched the anime (movie) version around 9 years ago and I did have a thought of “WHAT IF”…what if they were separated and try to find each other later? And the movie version almost gave the answer to that. And then, “WHAT IF” both guys actually fell in love with her? “WHAT IF” we want more detailed stories that happened? Hold and below, the drama fairies waved their wand and we have the latest version (the drama).

I still have a sour heart feeling towards the OTP of the latest version. Cheering for the second lead is my kind of thing lately *sigh*.

And if you have to know which version I favour more…


It’s the anime version. The journey to pursue happiness was more laid back and delivered in simplicity, which I adore.

And….Rae shouldn’t get entangled with a red haired-Chiaki *smirk*.

Warning: Not for those who wanted a “and they live happily ever after” ending.

Nodame Cantabile

There’s moment when I cannot seemed to differentiate on “which in which” between the manga, anime and the live-action drama. The utmost supreme ability to quote every details from scene (including in which chapter of which volumes) belongs to my imooto. I normally get mixed up with everything and my “playful mind” usually told me that the manga had been released in anime (even though they’re NOT). That’s how I ended reading manga since those pages were just like film reels in my head *tsk tsk tsk*.
For months…. (not exaggerating here.. its the TRUTH), me and some other so called loyal followers of Nodame+Chiaki had been lurking, sniffing, searching.. everywhere (literally speaking) for the Nodame Cantabile the Movie. I was glad however to find the latest anime series and the side story (manga). Instead of checking where it actually ended in the previous season of anime (the reason why I need to explain myself earlier :-P), let’s move on to where will the finale season (of anime) pick things up? ^^
NC the Anime: Finale
After watching the first two episodes, I believe this season covered (will covers) the remaining stories from the manga that the precious season-Paris Chapter, left. I have the feeling that the movie will cover the same thing as well. Although I do not really fancy Son Rui‘s more appearance, I am so looking forward for Nodame‘s performance with Stresseman.
To watch the anime streaming online:
NC the manga: Nodame Cantabile Encore – Opera Hen Manga Chapters
After a disappointing ending of the NC manga, this one volume edition is a welcome sight! Nodame and Chiaki are back in Japan and had you noticed that I spoke about it as if they’re real people in the real world? muahahha….
This one volume will tells the story of Chiaki‘s first Opera Concerto along with Nodame‘s first recital in Japan. The thing that made me excited about this volume (other than Tomoko’s effort to make a heal therapy for the disappointing ending previously) was because it looked like the old troops of S-Oke from the earlier story will be “there with me”. YEAY!!!
Now, this is another “something” that made the year 2010 starts wonderful!

Antique Bakery the anime series

Instead of sulking because I can’t join the “arirang” in KK yesterday, I stuffed myself with Antique Bakery the anime series. I haven’t watched the Japanese drama series simply because I can’t find. I think it had been removed somehow *sigh*.

Though I usually cannot beat the “calling” of reading the manga before proceeding with the anime (or the drama series), I managed to sit firm on my chair, watching the anime instead of reading the manga. The result: I love it… and the fact that the Korean version (movie) followed closely to the manga/anime made me love it even more. I love familiarity… *smile*. Of course the Korean version cropped a few things here and there which ended it as a movie.

I love the CG effects on everything in the anime. I rarely watch animes with this kind of presentation. Ono, the patissier really reminded me of Kim Jae Wook as the korean version with gay-demonic-charm *hehehe…* but Jae Wook looked very much prettier than the anime Ono. The same feeling goes with Tachibana and Chikage. After watching the anime, I must say that the korean guys really addressed the character very well and that what I love them even more *wink*.

Weird Side of Me

When I mentioned in my profiles that I have lots of interests, I’m not kidding. Some people might have hard time to understand my interest to anime or even manga as well (especially in my age now and mommy status) *wink* . But I have loved them since my school time (thanks to my guy friends who made me who I am now *wink*).
Some my favourite is Naruto!! Love this one very-very much and the founding of a site all about NARUTO makes me excited all over. *LOL* It’s like a kid having all the candies in the candy shoppe (like my blog.. see?? *wink*)

Not just me, my siblings love Naruto too (non-exlcuded). So you can say that we are a bunch of crazy sibling that love manga very-very-very much. The money that we spent on mangas… oohh… I wouldn’t dare to start calculate or even estimate the figures. We might made big-big very-very big damage there *sigh*. Since I am a mummy now, it’s kind a embarassing to drool over the books at the bookstore. Luckily dear little brother who’s not so little anymore continue the legacy of buying more and more mangas …. hehehe!!!

Even the children in my class at church called me ‘Kakashi’. Actually it’s their idea of short form of kakak LC –> Kakashi while Kakashi actually means ‘scarecrow’*????* hohoho!! do I look like kakashi? don’t think so… But hey, Kakashi was one of love character in Naruto so it must be a good thing for me kan?

Hatake Kakashi

**I would love to see Sasuke be together with Sakura and Naruto with Hinata while Kakashi be the next Hokage!! hohohoho!!!

For Naruto’s fan, you might want to check the site I mentioned before okies!

p/s: check this too for —> Naruto HQ for Naruto’s fan