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Another New Batch Of Flower Boys

China is remaking yet another drama based on manga Hana Yori Dango, which made me speechless. Not in a bad way though because regardless of the many versions of HanaDan, I will still going to watch it 😁 Why? Definitely because of F4 ㅎㅎ~

Most of the actors shot to superstardom and gained international fans (myself included) because of the drama. And while Taiwan’s Meteor Garden will always be my first love, Japan’s adaptation is my favourite. I just love everything from Makino’s expressions, Domyouji’s poker face, Rui’s coolness, Soujirou’s and Akira’s loyalty.

So, back to the latest adaptation.. apparently the new F4 is going to be portrayed by rookie actors who successfully landed the roles after audition.

Meet the guys..

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A Goblin, a Bride and a Reaper

I can’t help but grinning from ear to ear when I saw this scene ^^


Northern Limit Line

I finally found time to watch Korean movie Northern Limit Line last night. Yay! I admit that I wanted to watch the movie because of Jin Goo (heavily influenced by DotS), and also because I’m such a sucker for war-related movies.. plus Kim Moo Yul looks hot in those white navy uniform.


Based on true events happened in June 2002, the movie is about the lives of courageous sailors on board South Korean patrol boat Chamsuri 357. Led by Lt. Commander Yoon Young Ha (Kim Moo Yul), Chamsuri 357 was doing its normal routine patrolling the maritime border when it was suddenly under attack.



It was heartbreaking enough for me to watch the movie until the end as it was depicted from real story and it happened during the World Cup tournament which South Korea and Japan were co-hosting at that time.

My heart goes out to the families of the brave sailors who lost their lives on that fateful day. May their souls rest in peace. 필승!!

Merry Christmas!!


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

p/s – Pic above was taken on 1st Jan 2013 at N Seoul Tower on my last trip to South Korea. Hopefully I will go there again soon 🙂


The Vigilantes In Masks

I’m currently watching another Chinese drama from the mainland China.  As I was watching around episode 3 or 4, I realized it’s almost the same as Lee JunKi’s Iljimae. Except in Iljimae, there’s only one guy behind the mask but in TVIM there are four of them 😀

Excerpt from wiki: “Li Ge Xiao is a warrior and has intelligence matching his skills. He was previously a high ranking marshal with great law enforcement authority. However after his enemy framed him with a crime he did not commit and executed his family, the former marshal was forced to become a fugitive. Years later, he came out of hiding to help a former colleague recover a cargo of stolen gold for disaster relief. He and three chivalrous strangers, thief Yan San Niang, grafter He Xiao Mei, and strongman Chai Hu, unite to form a heroic band of masked vigilantes called “Yi Zhi Mei”, who rob the rich and corrupt to help the poor and helpless, always leaving a plum flower at the scene as their calling card.”

Startling By Each Step..

..or in other words known as Bu Bu Jing Xin (BBJX) is a period drama from the mainland China.  I’m not going to go into details because I know a drama as famous as this one definitely being talked a lot about online.  Heh..  Ramblings ahead…

As an avid Kdrama fan, I’ve been watching a lot of Korean dramas AND very little of Chinese dramas for the past years.  And I’ve totally forgotten about the last Chinese period drama that I’ve seen.  Then I stumbled upon Gong (also known as Palace Jade Lock Heart) which is currently still airing on the local TV channel, and I fell for it since it reminds me a lot.. A LOT of Meteor Garden. Seriously Qing Chuan and 8th Prince really have scenes like San Chai and Dao Ming Shi in MG.  I was so excited and decided to go to the DVD shop and get a copy of  the drama.  However, the shopkeeper recommended BBJX to me instead.  I pretty much obliged because I did a research before I went to the shop and found out that BBJX and Gong were basically the same but yet so different.  So in the end I bought BBJX and decided to just continue watching Gong on TV.  And it was a good decision ever 😀

BBJX is such a beautiful and solid story.  The sceneries were breathtaking, the acting was great, pace was good and I was really drawn into the drama. It gives me such a great pleasure to find a great drama like this and moving out for a while from the Kdrama zone.  I feel refreshed!

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I Do I Do ~ First Impression


I kind of like with what I’ve seen so far with this new MBC drama.  Kim Sun Ah plays Hwang Ji An, a director in a shoe company, who is also a workaholic and loves shoes very very much. She has a walk-in closet full of shoes to die for.  I envy her! 😀

Lee Jang Woo plays Park Tae Kang, whose father is a shoemaker and through a contest, gets a job in Hwang Ji An’s company. 

The story was entertaining so far although you may say that it’s just like any other Kdramas that you’ve ever watched. And I hope it will continue to do so 🙂

Shut Up Flower Boy Band


Shut Up Flower Boy Band (닥치고 꽃미남 밴드) is a story about a group of high schoolers with their dream to become a successful band.  Performing on a competition at the Rock Festival was the opening of opportunities. But would that lead to happiness or breaking their bond as brothers?

The band Eye Candy (안구정화) comprises of Ji Hyuk as the vocalist and leader of the band, Hyun Soo as the lead guitarist, Ha Jin the bassist, cutie Kyung Jong as the keyboardist and drummer Do Il.


Deep Rooted Tree

I am excited for this new historical drama. Not only because one of my fav actors Jang Hyuk is in the lead role and flower boy Song Joong Ki also in it (yay!), but simply because period drama is just my cup of tea 😀 Hopefully I can squeeze my time to watch this.

Cr: JustJangHyuk555

The Musical ~First Impression

I started watching The Musical purely because of Choi Daniel. He was so adorable in Babyfaced Beauty that I fell under his spell and made me anticipated in his future projects. Choi played the role of songwriter Hong Jae Yi, who helps medical student Go Eun Bi (played by Gu Hye Sun) in realizing her dream as a musical actress.

Park Ki Woong plays the ambitious investor Yoo Jin but somehow I can’t forget his character in A Man’s Story especially the parts when he called the late Park Yong Ha’s character as “2924” 😀

As the drama already into episode 3, I found it to be pleasing to watch. Gu Hye Sun turned out to be a pretty good singer, but it’s Ock Joo Hyun that blew my mind away with her beautiful voice. No doubt since she’s involved in musical in the real life world and also an established singer.

I can’t wait for the upcoming episodes ~~