Will update this page later. For the time being, just informing that:

On June 15th, 2011… Rinkyu joined this place.
About Rinkyu:
– K-drama addict and watches J-dorama too
– Listens to endless K-Pop songs (anything that sounds good to my ears hehe..)
– Listens to J-Pop group Arashi and J-Rock band L’Arc~en~Ciel. And several songs from J-Pop artists
– Watches anime (if she has the time) and reads manga (too bad she doesn’t have time for it nowadays)


-26 February 2009- a ‘special’ place for Rae to ramble all she want without offending, annoying and boring her different-interest friends/ relatives. She’ll be sharing her  “love and fever” on dramas & movies (mostly Asian’s), animes and of course mangas…  into a Korean Drama fan person thanks to her  man who “dragged” her along watching K-Dramas.

By the way, Rae does not speaks nor understand korean, japanese or even mandarin except for a very few pretty easy lines (mostly only understand single words ^^). She can’t write recaps nor write fancy comments and wished she had a tiny bits of ability to do so, so that she can share her sentiments on the dramas/movies she watched even better. Mood swings affected her ways of writing, so posts varies a lot (sometime even with doses and doses of fan-girl stuff mind the actual age *sigh*).   Sometime, she might shares the weird dreams she had so stay tune to read how weird her brain can function.^^ Wish you have a happy visit, come again and let’s share love! xoxox
p/s: Still love manga the best since roaming freely in imagination is a great wonder_ o yes ^^.Be aware that I have the TENDENCY TO COMPARE THE IMAGE OF CHARACTER I GOTfrom manga with a real-life on-screen.
credits to Rin-chan for the inspiration.
Enjoy your visit;


  1. ♥ ~~ 아자 아자 화이팅! Ganbatte kudasai!!

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