Shopping Spree with LJK

I used abbreviation for dearest Lee Jun Ki for title because I’m avoiding unnecessary spam on this page. We don’t want people flocking and roll-eye when reading about how Rae had spent the entire evening going for a shopping spree with Wang So *giggle*. Well, atleast Rae wished it was Wang So but it was the Running Man LJK (not that I’m complaining). ljk

I decided to post the weird dreams Rae had so I can come back anytime, read it and smile at all the silly dreams.

The dreams differ from each other; some vividly remembered with story plot and all, some like a still screen shot here and there, and some are like a commercial break.

Yesterday’s dream with LJK was like  commercial break.It’s like Rae and LJK were doing a promo on Shopping Spree… Probably because Rae just finished watching the finale episode of  Shopping King Louie before napping… and LJK, could it be because of the SuperMoon effect, and on Monday  some more?? *smirk*(longing for the MoonMoon Monday)


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