Northern Limit Line

I finally found time to watch Korean movie Northern Limit Line last night. Yay! I admit that I wanted to watch the movie because of Jin Goo (heavily influenced by DotS), and also because I’m such a sucker for war-related movies.. plus Kim Moo Yul looks hot in those white navy uniform.


Based on true events happened in June 2002, the movie is about the lives of courageous sailors on board South Korean patrol boat Chamsuri 357. Led by Lt. Commander Yoon Young Ha (Kim Moo Yul), Chamsuri 357 was doing its normal routine patrolling the maritime border when it was suddenly under attack.



It was heartbreaking enough for me to watch the movie until the end as it was depicted from real story and it happened during the World Cup tournament which South Korea and Japan were co-hosting at that time.

My heart goes out to the families of the brave sailors who lost their lives on that fateful day. May their souls rest in peace. 필승!!


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  1. i’ve been tempted to watch this movie (JinGoo recommended related of course) but never found the time to do so. Looks like its definitely going to my to watch list with nampyeon 🙂

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