Hyde Jekyl Me (midway review)

 This is my current crack after healed from Healer witdrawal. Plus, i kinda miss Hyun Bin since he’s back from the army. Although body swaping is not new for Hyun Bin (Secret Garden), I think him with split personality is something I actually enjoyed, felt excited about and also now terrify at. Choosing ship would be confusing at first cos both ships have the same owner. Although as the drama progress, I found myself loving the cold and distressed guy more. Sure we all love a warmer person but with SeoJin, such pityful person like him is more easier to handle with. 

The above scene is one of my favourite when truth was reveal and SeoJin again made a home run in my heart by actually letting HaNa learned the truth. Face it head on. 

This drama presents a twist line of bad guy and I learn that the real truth sometime might be NOT THE WHOLE TRUTH. And easily planting memory into others? Gosh! What an awesome and terrifying ability TaeJoo have. 


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