30 Days KDrama Challenge # Day 05

Day 05: Your Favorite Female Third Wheel Character

Thinking that most of them made you cringe, drama would not be fun without them as well. However, this character made me cringe in a good way. I kinda rooting for her… if the heroine did not make it through (although we knew that that would be a thousand year impossible and I so love the main couple as well).

Yoon He Ra in Playful Kiss (2010)

HeRa sarcasm towards Hani was somehow I found acceptable and amusing :P. She was Baek SeungJo’s best pair. But just like Mama Baek said, SeungJo and HeRa were just like two pieces of the finest pot while Hani was like a lid to SeungJo’s pot. Awww… And yes, I love this girl *hug*


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  1. Omo, we had the same actress in mind. But in different drama. I liked her in Becoming A Billionaire. Her Boo Tae Hee character was what I was looking when I was watching the drama.

  2. omo! you’re so right! we have the same thoughts! good article. 🙂

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