Just Because

Just-Because-Key-Visual-001-20170530I’m in that one phase where I think I have too many dramas and excitements that I need some slow pace old love to keep me grounded. This anime caught my eyes first time for the title alone…. Just Because is a currently airing anime with that “slice of life” genre which I adore very much.

Just Because natsume

My pair in one of my favourite dorky awkward moment.

Just Because


Another New Batch Of Flower Boys

China is remaking yet another drama based on manga Hana Yori Dango, which made me speechless. Not in a bad way though because regardless of the many versions of HanaDan, I will still going to watch it 😁 Why? Definitely because of F4 ㅎㅎ~

Most of the actors shot to superstardom and gained international fans (myself included) because of the drama. And while Taiwan’s Meteor Garden will always be my first love, Japan’s adaptation is my favourite. I just love everything from Makino’s expressions, Domyouji’s poker face, Rui’s coolness, Soujirou’s and Akira’s loyalty.

So, back to the latest adaptation.. apparently the new F4 is going to be portrayed by rookie actors who successfully landed the roles after audition.

Meet the guys..

*pics credit to owner

Pretty Proofreader: midway review


Let just say I started to watch this because I miss that “overly dramatic drama act” by Satomi Ishihara. Ha!

Drama was about Etsuko (Ishihara) dreamt about working as an editor in a famous fashion house (Lassy) but ended as a proofreader at the same publishing company, fell in love at first sight with Yukito (Masaki Suda), while always bickering with one of the company book editor, Kaizuka (Munetaka Aoki) aka “octopus”.

Sure….Yukito is cute! But I ship octopus xoxoxo


A Goblin, a Bride and a Reaper

I can’t help but grinning from ear to ear when I saw this scene ^^


On The Way To The Airport


We had been warned ahead that this drama might be one of the most melo drama of the year (It was their tagline. I kid you not). I cringed at the warning, but it got me hooked. Maybe it was Kim Haneul’s aura. Yup, I am a fan. Plus, Lee Sang Yoon had won my heart being melo since Angel Eyes. It’s ironic though, when a story that started with leads that are already married to others is usually not my cup of tea. But as story unfold, and plots built up, I some how starting to like it. Maybe writer-nim did wrote from unusual different perspective. I cheered for the lovely friendship between Soo Ah (Kim Haneul) and her bff, Mijin.

Plus, Kim Haneul’s chemistry with Lee Sang Yoon is no joke.


Personally, this is one of my favourite “Drama Title”. You know…when title name, story and plot really make sense *smirk*.

A big round of applause for a beautiful ending…


Shopping Spree with LJK

I used abbreviation for dearest Lee Jun Ki for title because I’m avoiding unnecessary spam on this page. We don’t want people flocking and roll-eye when reading about how Rae had spent the entire evening going for a shopping spree with Wang So *giggle*. Well, atleast Rae wished it was Wang So but it was the Running Man LJK (not that I’m complaining). ljk

I decided to post the weird dreams Rae had so I can come back anytime, read it and smile at all the silly dreams.

The dreams differ from each other; some vividly remembered with story plot and all, some like a still screen shot here and there, and some are like a commercial break.

Yesterday’s dream with LJK was like  commercial break.It’s like Rae and LJK were doing a promo on Shopping Spree… Probably because Rae just finished watching the finale episode of  Shopping King Louie before napping… and LJK, could it be because of the SuperMoon effect, and on Monday  some more?? *smirk*(longing for the MoonMoon Monday)

Jealously Incarnate-Just Because

Yup, I just had to share this moment of the adorable Jo Jung Suk stuck with all six brides *smirk*.jealously-incarnate21

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time; the anime, the movie and the drama.

I came across the latest remake of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (drama), I ended up finishing this in one go (5 episodes)…marathon style (thanks to Olympic *smirk*).

A time travel story with series of adaption. I just get to know that instead of three adaptations, it actually have four (minus the novel). The basic of the story plot was a girl gained the power to time travel. The way she used this supernatural power however differs, from amending the current situation to avoid an awkward situation to find an answer to a current situation.

As for this post topic above, I’m going to sum all three adaptations I had watched just because but without spoiling the fun. Let start the rambling with the latest one.


The drama. There’s Mihane Yoshiyama (Yuina Kuroshima), Shohuei and Goro as the three musketeers.

The love story. The friendship stirred up when one boy tried to confess his love while the other fell in love out of curiosty. Guess who Mihane chose?

The movie. A lovely quirky girl named Akari Yoshiyama (Riisa Naka) on a quest back to the past and met Ryota san.

The love story. Mom wanted to reminisce her first love and daughter decided to find the man only to found another love. Did mom’s first love founded?

The anime (movie). We have Makoto along with her two side kicks, Chiaki and Kousuke.

The love story. I love Chiaki *confessing*. hahahaha

Comparison of all three adaptation. I somehow have a feeling that the slight differences to the plot might influenced by the “WHAT IF” rules, which kind of fun.

I watched the anime (movie) version around 9 years ago and I did have a thought of “WHAT IF”…what if they were separated and try to find each other later? And the movie version almost gave the answer to that. And then, “WHAT IF” both guys actually fell in love with her? “WHAT IF” we want more detailed stories that happened? Hold and below, the drama fairies waved their wand and we have the latest version (the drama).

I still have a sour heart feeling towards the OTP of the latest version. Cheering for the second lead is my kind of thing lately *sigh*.

And if you have to know which version I favour more…


It’s the anime version. The journey to pursue happiness was more laid back and delivered in simplicity, which I adore.

And….Rae shouldn’t get entangled with a red haired-Chiaki *smirk*.

Warning: Not for those who wanted a “and they live happily ever after” ending.

Northern Limit Line

I finally found time to watch Korean movie Northern Limit Line last night. Yay! I admit that I wanted to watch the movie because of Jin Goo (heavily influenced by DotS), and also because I’m such a sucker for war-related movies.. plus Kim Moo Yul looks hot in those white navy uniform.


Based on true events happened in June 2002, the movie is about the lives of courageous sailors on board South Korean patrol boat Chamsuri 357. Led by Lt. Commander Yoon Young Ha (Kim Moo Yul), Chamsuri 357 was doing its normal routine patrolling the maritime border when it was suddenly under attack.



It was heartbreaking enough for me to watch the movie until the end as it was depicted from real story and it happened during the World Cup tournament which South Korea and Japan were co-hosting at that time.

My heart goes out to the families of the brave sailors who lost their lives on that fateful day. May their souls rest in peace. 필승!!

July rambling

July and August are awesome months this year. I have been addicted to these three ongoing dramas all in one go. It’s an almost neck to neck challenge for me on which i favour more.

It started with Doctor where we have the usually lovely romantic Park Shin Hye become all tough and the usually manly tough Kim Rae Won become all cheesy. However we don’t find any fault being at that.

Then came Uncontrolably Fond with one of my favourite kdrama writer, along with WooBin who we hope will get the girl this time.

When I thought it all goes well, W hit all the right note and alas…i lost the battle of “no more adding ongoing drama”.

Peace to you both dear July and August *wink*.